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Need help in dealing with Navigon Customer Service

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Hey guys,

I am trying to send in my broken Navigon 7100 (the screen is blank white every time I turn it on).

I sent my original message to OVER FOUR WEEKS ago. Every week, I ask them when I will receive this processing number (RMA) and directions on how to send the unit in, but I get a response like this:

"Thank you for your inquiry. We will clarify the issue with the repair center."

Is anyone else running into this problem with Navigon warranty/repair?

I think this is just a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

Note: If you call the Navigon number (888) 848-0701, all you get is a message that is basically on repeat. You will NEVER get an actual customer representative.

Please... if anyone knows a working number to reach an actual customer rep, could you provide that info?

Any tips on how to best approach this situation is greatly appreciated.

-h2polo (Mike)


  • bigperk 0 Points
    I would suggest that you go through their website onto the FaceBook page and post your problem and the time you have been trying to get help there. They will (hopefully) then ask you to send them an email and you will then (also hopefully!) get some action from their support people. The support desk currently is IMHO dire, but when I did this after a period similar to yours I then got an answer the same day (though I may have been particularly lucky).
  • Larkone 0 Points
    Their support is the pits. Bin your device and buy something that works, I am because I am sick of their poor quality software and support. TomTom has just gained a new customer
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