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Navigon 7100 traffic display

dsjc 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I asked the same question regarding the Garmin Nuvi...

I am considering a Navigon 7100 mostly for the real-time traffic display. I have yet to see a picture of the traffic information on a map display for any of the devices, and any live systems I've looked at in the retail stores do not have the traffic adapter connected.

I'm hoping that the map will display similar to what my Windows mobile phone does with MS Search or Google maps - a map view with each segment of freeway lit as green/yellow/red according to traffic speeds.

Below is what I get on the Smartphone and I'm hoping the the 7100 traffic display would be similar. Can anyone confirm this or comment ?




  • ooda 0 Points
    Actually the Navigon 7100 looks nothing like that. It gives you a line by break down of the highways closest to you about congestion and construction. This information is also reflect on the live map with little icons indication construction or congestion.
  • coop 0 Points
    along the line of traffic information. If I have the 7100 set for along my route, what do I get the little information symbol and there is not traffic problems on the route?
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