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Navman S90i error: mapshigh.xml seems to be corrupt

Irios 0 Points
After updating my speed camera subscription using NavDesk 2008, I got this error, and now none of the maps work anymore.

Mio has taken over all support for Navman... and it's just rubbish. (the customer support). I've sent two email requests, and I've phoned them three times now. They keep promising to get back to me, but I never hear from them.

So, I'm gonna try this forum to see if there might be someone here with an identical unit that might be able to help me out.


This file named "mapshigh.xml" seems to have been terminated too early and is now broken.

The last few lines look like this:
<maptranslation class="MapTranslation">
<translation>Sud de l'Espagne</translation>
<maptranslation class="MapTranslation">
<translation>Jizní Spanelsko</translation>

I've requested that Navman support send me a new file to see if this helps. But apparently this is never gonna happen. I dont understand why the f*ck this can be so goddamn hard for Navman/Mio customer support, so now I'm asking you guys for help.

Could someone please send me their mapshigh.xml file so I can test to see if that will fix my S90i.
The file is located in \Navman\mapshigh.xml

Send me a PM, and I will give you my email address.

Thanks in advance.
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