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MotoExtras Weather - FORECA

Spyder63 331 Points
I just updated my weather forecasts on my TN765T and was surprised to see that the temps in my location were going to hit 106 degrees F on Wed! That can't be right so I checked to see who is this FoRECA is anyway. Found this:

Foreca is a Finnish weather forecasting company, the largest private weather forecasting company in the Nordic countries. Foreca was first established in 1996 under the name Weather Service Finland. In January 2001 its name was changed to Foreca. (This is the Moto supplier - logo is the same)

In checking the FoRECA mobile site the weather stats for my location are quite different - Wednesday a high of 87 F.

In checking forecasts for other cities that I check they all are reading higher than other forecasts such as Weather Underground.

Thought I could at least trust the weather forecasts on this thing.



  • That's interesting... I have a weather app on my Blackberry, and it concurs with what I get on my MotoNav. Maybe a regional thing?
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