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3045-LM first impressions

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3045-LM my first impressions
The quick and dirty:
Like the Magellan User Interface for inputting address.
Life-time traffic is nice but limited in both location and information. This is a traffic service issue not the GPS.
Rerouting is quick.
Like the chime feature.
Highway Lane Guidance
AAA Travel guide
One Touch

No way to download routes.
No backup of information on micro SD card, even though it user manual says it can.
No way to download address from PC/Outlook.
Loud static type noise that can be corrected with a reboot. I only experienced on the first two trips and haven’t heard it again.

The long winded version

Background on buying decision
Going on a big trip this fall I decided it was time to think about finally getting a GPS. AAA triptik still works fine and I like setting up the route the way I want but a GPS gives a nice backup if I need to reroute. I wanted a GPS that had a SD card, at least a 4.3” screen, support for multiple routes, and ability to send routes to from my PC. Didn’t care about Bluetooth since I already have a hands-free Bluetooth headset for my phone. I didn’t want to spend a lot on a GPS since I figured I would not use it much. Did some research on Tom-Tom, Garmin, and Magellan. Most Garmin’s didn’t have multiple routes until you went with more upscale models. BJs Warhouse club had a 14765t for $129.99 that I finally decided on when it looked like a map update would be coming out in late June. While I waited so that I could get the update under the 30 map upgrade the new models came out. After much debate I decided to get the 3045-LM and risk the extra money for the life time maps. Hopefully there will be a couple over the next few years to justify get the LM. Magellan had them on sale and with my AAA discount came out to $196.. I did play with a 3045 and 3065 at Best Buy before I purchased the 3045. I really liked the interface for entering an address. Best Buy didn’t match the price I could get so I bought directly from Magellan.

I excitedly open the box and pulled out the 3045. I noticed that there was no CD in the box which I though strange. Just about every other electronic piece of equipment comes with one. Verified that there wasn’t supposes to be one and powered up the unit. It came up in a few minutes and acquired a single while still in the house. I used the charger from my phone to charge up the unit before doing anything else. Hooked it up the PC and copied all the files from the GPS to the PC hard drive so I would have a backup. Downloaded Content Manager and did a backup. I then register the device with Magellan. There was no 3045-LM so I registered it as a 3045 and opened a ticket to make sure I would get the Life time map. I was assured that they track it by serial number and would indeed get the lifetime maps.

Plugged in the micro SD card I had bought to backup the unit and couldn’t find the backup utility. This led to a ticket to Magellan service about this and the find your car feature. The reply was that for the find the car, just remove the GPS and take it with you. It should ask you if you want to continue in Pedestrian mode. I have not checked this out yet. The backup they suggest to just backup using Content Manager. I replied that if I’m not at my PC I cannot restore and this was supposed to be a feature. The reply was a repeat of the steps from the manual that I indicated in my first e-mail did not work. I knew the micro SD card was working in the GPS because I could access it via the PC. I got the reply that backing up to the micro SD was not supported on the 3045.

Next was a test drive with the unit. Pulled out of the driveway and started off. When I got to the first turn the unit start to make a loud static type noise instead of telling me to turn. Headed down the street and the sound continue instead of directions. Tried to mute but the sound continued at each announcement. Powered the unit off/on and the direction sound was ok once again. No other problems with the sound the rest of the trip. Coming home I got the static type sound again, powered off/on and it went away. I have not experienced the problem since in any of the several trips I took.

Wife took a trip and used the GPS for the first time. She was happy with it. She used the traffic feature to route around a delay. I’ve noticed the traffic banner does come on even when moving. The banner doesn’t bother me; it just adds a second line at the top of the screen and disappear in a few seconds.

All in all I am happy with the GPS just disappointed with the lack of downloading from a PC.


  • RichD 0 Points
    I just bought a 1440 from BJ's about a month and a half ago because it was only $90. so far it works great. I notice it has the lag everyone talks about but doesn't bother me to much, everything else works great. I want to buy another GPS for my daughter, does the 3045 have the lag in it? or did Magellan fix that?

    Thanks Rich D
  • I tried an experiment tonight. Powered up the unit and walked up to the corner to see if it showed me at the intersection. This was not in routing mode. Looked ok until I zoomed in all the way. It showed me a short distance prior to the intersection. The icon is always the same size so it is harder to tell at the zoom level I normally use. I'm not sure if this is the lag problem or not. I turned a route on and it showed the same positioning. I'll try and do some more testing latter. I did notice when I route to work and turn into the parking lot that parallels the street it tells me to turn on it assumes I'm on the street which is actually 30 feet or so further on.
  • alanb 539 Points
    The maps are not that precise. You might get a different result at a different location.
  • I ran the GPS on a short trip around town today. With the map zoomed in all the way while routing, some of the times when crossing an intersection the GPS would lag slightly. A few times is seemed to be correct. I can’t same for sure the why this is. It could be the maps, it could be the accuracy of the GPS or it could be the lag others have with the 1475. When I zoomed out two levels and it seemed much better. Honestly I don’t like it zoomed in because I would rather see more of the map to know what’s ahead.
  • 3045-LM - A more in-depth review.

    I finally took my trip out west (NC to WY and back) which is the real reason I bought this GPS. For the most part the GPS did its job wonderfully. I was able to setup each day of the trip as a multiple destination trip in the address book. All I had to do was plug in the GPS select the correct trip and head down the highway to the next destination. The trip according to the speedometer in my van totaled 5211 miles. I had used AAA triptik to plan the trip I wanted to take and for the most part the GPS followed my route. I really wish this unit allowed you to plan a trip on your PC and download that route. Sometimes I wanted the fastest route, sometimes I wanted to go a slightly different way. Magellan and AAA have a partnership; why in world not let you download via AAA?

    Firmware was updated to version 3.11 just before the trip. Not sure if it helped or hurt. The problem with the spoken name still exists. I knew of this problem when I bought the GPS but figured it would have been fixed by now. I had this problem a few times when I first started to use the GPS but hadn’t had it much since. After updating the firmware I started getting it again. Not sure if it was the update or more use of the GPS. In my case the spoken directions are replace with a static type noise. Sometimes muting/unmuting fixed the problem sometimes I did a hard reboot. This is a real annoyance when it happens but is fairly rare. Still it is my biggest complaint about this GPS.

    Using multiple destination worked well for me. I planned the trip down to which gas station I wanted to stop at. Did have a few problems with not arriving at the location and found that if you select to cancel the trip, the GPS will ask to cancel that destination or the entire trip. Also comes in handy if you cancel the entire trip accidently. Just reload the trip and cancel the destination(s) you already hit.

    Found that if I touch the upper left corner to go to turn by turn direction, after a minute or so it reverts back to the map, not sure how I feel about that. It may be that after you go so far it reverts, not sure.

    Sometime the display is hard to read with sunglass on, may just be me. Wonder if going to night mode might be better. I’ll have to try that in the future.

    It was interesting to set the display in the lower left corner to elevation and watch the change. When you first touch the lower left corner there is a list of choices (Speed, ETA, Direction, Mile to next destination, Elevation, and time remaining) to display. You can see each option for a short while before the list collapses. It would be cool if you could just leave the list and see each entry. I thought the extra width of the display would be handy but most of the time there is nothing of interest there. Speed, ETA, distance to next destination, and elevation are the items I used the most.

    There are many colors that show up on the display that there is no key for in the manual. I find the manual to be worthless most of the time. There are a few how tos but no real in-depth explanations. I sent an inquiry to customer service and asked if I could get an explanation of the various colors. They didn’t have one. I see that red mean either a shopping center or airport, blue for water (river/lake), green for park or golf course. Seems if you go to the trouble of identifying these you would have someway to let me know what it means. Any atlas you buy has a key to all the different symbol used on the map. Seems to me the manual should have that information.

    While I have found customer service response to be timely, most of the time the answers are of little help. One suggestion I passed on was I would fine it helpful to identify the magnification level. Nice to zoom at times but most of the time I prefer a higher level. Wish I could quickly identify the setting and learn to adjust accordingly. It would be nice to be able to set based on distance to next turn.

    I haven’t figure out how they determined when to instruct “turns” on the interstates. The majority of my trip was on interstates and sometimes you would go for miles with no turn information since you where going straight, which was fine by me. Then you would get “stay on the current road” driving when that would be the obvious choice. I can see it when to major roads are forking and you need to be instructed which lane(s) to be in. I guess to much is better that to little.
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