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Urgent! Navigon Shop/Support

rolbor 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum

I am a new member here and have a problem I do simply
not know how to solve. A couple of weeks ago I bought a
Navigon 8410. I am very pleased with the device itself.

But.....(big sigh!!)

On May 21 I ordered the Digital TV-modul from Navigon Shop.
I used my Visa card so the device is payed for also on the 21 of May.
It was supposed to be delivered within 2-3 days. I did get e-mail from
Navigon confirming my order the same days as I placed the order.

Then nothing happend for two weeks. I called the support and the person I
spoke to could not help me but did forward my arrend for help.
Then again nothing happend. I then sent an e-mail to the support to get help. Again nothing happend for a couple of weeks. I finally got mail from
the support only stating "There is no order from you in our system"!!??

I have the confirmation mail with order number, on my "My Navigon" page
I can see my order and it is payed for! How can they claim my order do not excist!? I have again called the support, sent mail to the support and in pure desperation also sent mail to on two occations.

Still complete silence!!! If anyone out there has any suggestion what so ever on how to get in contact with someone at Navigon who once and for all can help me get this sorted, please let me know!

I am desperat because I do not like to get ripped off like this. Navigon gladly takes your money but fails to deliver! I am deeply dissapointed with Navigon and will in the future have nothing what so ever to do with them.
My Navigon 8410 will be up on e-bay because the way things are at the moment I only get frustrated and mad just looking at it!

Please help with ways of getting this sorted. I do want my money back.

Rolf borg


  • bigperk 0 Points
    Send an EMAIL with your complaint and details to

    And log on their facebook page (via their main website) and tell them briefly about the issue, and that you've already emailed them as well.

    THEY will pass your email on to Support and you MAY get a better result.
  • rolbor 0 Points
    Than you "bigperk"! E-mail sent to
    I will try anything to get throught to them. How can a company making
    navigators be so totaly lost on the highway to getting satisfied customers?

  • bigperk 0 Points
    Well Rolf, to get round bad traffic in France going down to Italy, they DID send me through Lichtenstein (twice)!

    (But maybe it was ME being foolish to follow them!).

    Good Luck, hope you hear something,

  • rolbor 0 Points
    Well David... sounds like their navigator are just as reliable as their support! :D

    And maybe I am just beeing foolish too, taking for granted that if you pay for something you will actually recive it!? After all... as they say in Germany "Die dumme Schweden" :wink:

  • rolbor 0 Points
    Follow up......

    Followed David's tip to send mail to I also
    sent mail to support@navigon in England and Germany. I did actually get a fast answer from the UK support!! But the message was they are "waiting for a reply from the relevant department"...

    What!!!?????.... How hard can it be!? Close to eight weeks ago I ordered from their on-line shop, got comfirmation and payed up! It is really that simple!

    I can not how ever hard I try understand what the problem is. Navigon
    makes navigators yet it seems everyone in that company is totaly lost!
    Why is it my e-mail and phonecalls always ends up with the "wrong" person
    or department? It would be extremely nice if for once I could get in contact with someone who actually can help me! Just how do I make that happend?
    Suggestions anyone???
  • rolbor 0 Points
    Finally!! I got mail from navigon that my Digital TV-modul will be sent out today!

    Big Thank You!... to David. After I started sending mail to things finally moved on.

    The "funny" thing is that I am no longer owner of a Navigon GPS! :shock:
    I was so angry and frustrated with Navigon I actually sold it to my neighbour. Of course I made him fully aware of the "non excisting" support. He will also buy the TV-modul from me.

    I am now off to search for another GPS Navigator in the same range as the
    Navigon 8410. Do any of you have any tip on what to buy?

  • bigperk 0 Points
    Rolf. I am assuming you are NOT buying another Navigon :roll: !? So I can't really help there as I haven't used TomTom and didn't like Garmin's routing at all. Don't know about other makes either.

    But glad you are at least getting (?) your TV-module - but I guess you lost a bit of money on this as well with your neighbour!
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