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Mapquest4 Mobile for the iPhone

alokeprasad 102 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
Just discovered that this is a different app than Mapquest Navigator. Talk about confusing ..

Mapquest4 Mobile is

provides turn-by-turn voice prompts
speaks street names
re-routes if you miss a turn
does all of this in the background with another app on-screen
displays only 2-D map, always North is up mode
syncs with Mapquest, AOL, websites to sync stored places, routes etc.
has POI
has traffic info, although I'm not sure if it uses that in creating the routing

Not a bad free app to keep handy, just in case

Aloke Prasad
(Not affiliated with the product in any way)


  • Mapquest 4 mobile gave me very bad directions on a very stormy night in a hostile rural town. I am a black female and I walked 2 mi to the gas station becuase I my got stuck and I needed help. This guy working at the gas station called me the n word and told me that "(n-words) are not allowed in this town" and the other people in the gas station thre things at me and cussed me out and I was shocked and offended. I ran to my car and tried to call someone for a ride home and a tow and I had to wait 4 hours to get one.

    mapquest mobile had me go down a very bad dirt road that was in horrible conditions and I got stuck in mud. This route "saved me 30 minutes" I would have rather taken a longer way and not get stuck in this mess!

    At least I got home safly but I was horrified at my experience and will never use mapquest again.

    mapquest sucks.
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