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Hey Tim! We're over 1100 Posts in the MotoNav Camp...

ThunderLizard 91 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Can we get our own Forum? We've already got more posts than the Mio or the Dash or the Lowrance?

Whaddaya say?

For what it's worth, having our own Forum may help discover for web search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Just a thought.

(oh, and while you're at it, about those "swishy thingys" above the logo... :wink: )


  • Welll??? We're Waiting!?? (Ted Knight, "Caddy Shack")
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I think until Motonav becomes a bigger "hit" with the masses and a proven product line as opposed to a "flash in the pan" product, which is where it is, at the moment, we will not get a dedicated forum. Number of posts is not the only determining factor and probably the least factor to reach "star" status.

    We should, IMHO, stop dumping every thing about the PNDs in the "main" thread and start creating "sub-topics"/threads of specific info. I have been building a "Hints & Tips" collection that soon I will post as a separate thread, for example and some will be gleaned out of the "Main" thread. That way things will be easier and quicker to find.

    We already have a thread regarding updates and yet we chatter on about it in the main thread.

    My 2-cents worth only.

    OTOH - there is the DASH forum and that sucker is deader than a doornail and that was a great big POOF! in the pan, wasn't it? So, what the hell do I know.... :roll: :roll:
  • +1 ^^^^ especially on the idea of using different threads. I'm in.
  • Tim?....Tim??.... :shock:
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    He heard you! It's so nice being the pessimist that I am because when good things actually happen I am doubly impressed! :shock:
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