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Motonav TN765T Tips and tricks!

ThunderLizard 91 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
I'm starting this thread to be a place where we share useful tips that aren't included in the Owner's manual. I figure maybe it will save someone the time and trouble to find some of the functions we users have stumbled upon on our own!

Post away! :D


  • ThunderLizard 91 Points
    edited July 2010
    - To mark a particular point as "Favorite" (not a particular address, but where you are at the moment), touch the left side pop out menu and go to "Dashboard". Scroll down till you get to "Make Favorite".

    - The top "Main Menu"and the bottom "Customizable" buttons only work when cradled and connected to t 12 volt power source (else they don't work)

    - To arrange the Main Menu buttons the way you want (I did this to also influence the Shortcut buttons that appear when you tap the screen) go to Settings>System>Main Menu. You can then touch and drag the buttons to the desired position.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Using Easy Search

    To find...

    1. Nearest pizza place - Type... “pizza”

      Specific restaurant or place - Type: part of the name, like “Joe’s”

    2. Address - Type the house number and street in either order, like “100 Main”

    1. Tip: When entering a city, place or address, you can enter just part

    2. it, like “Jo” to search for “Joe's” or “100 Ma” to search for “100 Main St.”

    • An Intersection - Type: two street names separated by “+” or “&,” like “Main & Center”

    Motorola's Motonav series - TN5xxT, TN765T will search the internal database using category terms and also has Google Search for everything else that isn't in the database. If you do a search for the category "Auto", most of the time it seems to search for any business that has the word "auto" embedded in the business name, but not always. Any gps should do that. With the Moto if you search for "Auto" you will get AutoZone, and similar, but also businesses like Hess Garage, Rahal Honda, General Tire Store, etc. that are in an "Automotive" category. It is by no means complete or always accurate.

    If you find several auto related stores, tapping on the Category icon symbol (once the list is generated) presents a map showing each location individually or all found (your choice) with a POI marker. You can route to one of the locations of your choice by tapping on the individual icon (aka waypoint) by selecting the checkered flag symbol. The "i" symbol reveals the address. Some POIs will have a phone handset icon as well.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Moving a Google Search result to a personal Favorite folder:

    After searching for an address using Google Local Search on your Moto the results are always placed in the Google Location folder under the Favorites Category. That folder cannot be moved or re-ordered. (Bonus tip #2)

    With the Motonav PND you are able to create personal category folders. (Goto Favorites -> Create Folder. Rename the folder by tapping on the default name title, which will be 'Folder #x') I have several called: Friends, Family, Tourist Spots, etc.. Say the address you just searched for is a "friend" and you would like to add that friend to the proper folder. Begin by tapping on the desired folder and you will see an Add button, but if you attempt to add the "Googled" friend you will not see the Google Location folder in the Favorites list, which is where the retrieved address is stored.

    Now what :?: :?: :?:

    Solution: Before starting the above process go into the Google folder (use down arrow) to find the Make Favorite button and make your friend a Favorite. Then you will be able to add that "favorite" to your personal folder "Friends". You can then delete the friend address from the Google Locations folder and it will remain in your Friends folder.

    Also note that once you create a Favorites folder you cannot delete it until it has at least one entry added. If the folder is not deleted then do a "soft" reset by pushing the momentary Reset button on the bottom of the gps or push the ON/OFF switch to the left and hold for about 10 seconds. You will not lose personal info such as waypoints, routes, etc.
  • moondog151 41 Points
    Scenario..."your traveling down a country road, and see either a Seasons limeted use only, road, or maybe an old logging trail, and you go and explore it. You find a perfect spot, to either fish, hunt, or camp, and you wish to save that particluar location".......
    Remedy...sometimes when out in a partiular location, and you open the "dasboard" panel, if no address is available, you won`t be able to save that location. BUT....if you press on the map screen a few seconds, with your finger, or stylus, (in the area you wish to mark, in order to save..), you`ll see an exclamation point icon, and a checkered flag, appear. If you tap on the exclamation point icon, you`ll then see another screen appear, and THERE, you can save that location to your favorites. Once in "my favorites", you can edit the name of that partiuclar location....

  • moondog151 41 Points
    This will be the screen you`ll see, once you`ve tapped on the exclamation point icon.........

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