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Navigon US site not working

mikem 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I was told by Navigon that the reason I was getting the Invalid Client error was due to the fact that I needed to download 'Fresh' from the US site. Well when I go to the site and try to even find "Fresh', it cannot be found. I contacted Navigon and they told me:

'Unfortunately, our server is currently down. Our technical team is hardly working on a solution for this issue. Please try it again in few days.'

Hasn't Navigon heard of: Backup servers or Redundancy, or Mirrored servers servers in case like this?

Sorry, but being a manager of a large international NOC (network operations center) this would be unacceptable if I gave that response to my customers.


  • Tim 1482 Points
    I guess you also need to figure that since Navigon exited the US market over a year ago that their US support site probably isn't a big priority for them right now.... unfortunately.
  • changers 0 Points
    the nav fresh has new Q2 2010 up date updated my 7100 make sure you have 4GB sd works great takes forever to down load 2 hrs
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