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37xx SQLite db files explained

I have been playing with the SQLite db files on my 3750 and wanted to share some of the info with you all. I have seen on other forums where people are wondering where the nuTrends and myTrends data is stored - I think I have found their location.

You have to go into the .System\SQLite folder. In this folder are 6 files with .db file extension. The files on my 3750 are listed below. Note: I copied the files over to my computer and used those copies to connect to.

* D232800.db
This appears to be the trafficTrends North America data, according to the garmin_metadata table in the db. It might also be just metadata that the system uses to find the actual data somewhere else on the nuvi. There is a table called SpeedProfile that has the columns SSID, TimeID and SpeedSamples. I don't know what the data means, but there is a lot of if there.

* local_poi.db
I think this one is storing the information when you rate a poi and possibly mark it as not valid, etc.

* mlg_history.db
This appears to store the ecoRoute data for your driving habits. The history table has columns like acceleration score, speed score, deceleration score, etc.

* pre.db
This appears to store the myTrends data and "pre" stands for prediction. There is a table in this db called prediction that contains the stats for its "predicted" routes.

* system.db
This db is used by the system to find the other tables. It has only one table called system, that has two rows. One points to D232800.db and has the description of trafficTrends™ North America. The other one just points to the mlg_history.db file with no description.

* user_strings.db
This is where the predictive text is stored when you enter in addresses or search fields. The table user_string contains the string_data column (i.e. Best Buy, San Diego) and the context column contains a numeric value that matches to whatever screen you were in when you entered the value. There is also a usage_count and time_stamp column, probably so it can remove old and unused values when some pre-determined amount of values are stored.

To view these databases, I downloaded a free SQLite client from (I downloaded the non-commercial Lite version for Windows, which is free.) In Navicat, you create a new "connection" for SQLite, give the connection a name (I used the name of the db file) and then enter the path of the db file (press the ... button to bring up a file dialog box). Don't change any other settings in any other tab and just press OK. Double click the newly created connection and your database will open, allowing you to see all of the tables and data inside.

I am not sure if these are copies of databases that reside in memory or if these are the actual databases. I haven't tried changing data in them to see if the nuvi detects the changes.

I have some screenshots that I can upload later, but thought I would post this for now.

Have fun!



  • bacevedo 0 Points
    I thought for sure someone would find this interesting. I thought most here liked to find where the unit stores the info it uses. But not one response.
  • pilotart 0 Points
    I am only just watching the 37xx series at this point, very pleased with my 5 month old 755t w/nuMap subs.

    I tend to favor purchase of any electronic device at the end of its run; over the latest, at the beginning of its run.

    BTW your post and finding was especially interesting, having just read Sunday that they were trying to determine this exact detail over on the most passionate GPS Forum. :)
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    bacevedo: Personally I thought your post was excellent - good work - I have been waiting to read the next installment! I didn't post anything because I just didn't feel I could contribute much... I am more interested in mapping than routing. :)

    Keep it coming though - it will help us understand how myTrends, NuTrends and NuRoute work!
  • SergZak 341 Points
    Nice work, bacevedo. Thanks. I just recently got my own personal 3790T a couple of days ago so this info is of interest to me. Note that not many users actually even have these units yet...and when they do get them, their first priority is figuring out the unit and what it can do.

    Now as far as what will come out of the data files remains to be seen. :wink:
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    There is a table called SpeedProfile that has the columns SSID, TimeID and SpeedSamples. I don't know what the data means, but there is a lot of if there.
    Maybe this is the data that Garmin is "harvesting" when you connect for an update? :shock:
  • mwilli32 0 Points
    Bryan: Were you able to decode the timestamp and lat/long values stored in these DBs?
  • bacevedo 0 Points
    No, I haven't done anything more with the databases. I actually got a DroidX shortly after this GPS, and with all of the goodies in that, I spend more time playing with it than my nuvi.

    The nuvi does still come out for long road trips, but the DroidX with google maps navigation does really well around town.

    Sorry I couldn't offer any more info.

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