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Nuvi 500 Bread crumb trail

I am sure this question has been asked before on this board, but I purchased a Nuvi 500 I am planning on using it for off road use on UTV as it has been designed for the elements of off road use. My question, is there a way to show the bread crumb trail on the map other than going to backtrack icon?


  • Boyd 1985 Points
    I have not used a Nuvi 500, so I'm not familiar with its backtrack function. But on other Nuvi models you would press Menu > Tools > Settings > Map > Trip Log > Show

    Note that the entire Nuvi series has a major limitation when compared to Garmin's handheld units however. It can only show the trip log (breadcrumbs) which it has recorded itself and are still stored in memory. You cannot load somebody else's log and show it on your Nuvi, and you can't even take one of your own old logs and display it.
  • DerekW 132 Points
    If you have a computer available - install Garmin Basemap and load the tracks on to the program and you can keep a copy of your journey.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    I think you mean "BaseCamp".... a "basemap" is something else. :)
  • DerekW 132 Points
    Yes sorry
  • Protector 0 Points
    Thanks Boyd, turning the trip log on did the trick! Garmin's directions are a little vague.

  • I have also used Mapwel to transfer a tracklog, trace the tracklog on the software, and upload it back to my Nuvi 550. Your icon won't follow it like a route, but I find my Nuvi 550 is accurate enough in off road mode to stick pretty close to the line -- certainly enough so that I know where I am.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    I have also used Mapwel to transfer a tracklog, trace the tracklog on the software, and upload it back to my Nuvi 550.
    You might be interested in this program. It can turn tracks into a map file with a transparent background. This is one way to get around the limitation of not being able to load a track on the Nuvi:
  • The answer is yes. I don't have mine with me now but I got it for that reason. I do the same thing only dual sport motorcycles. Don't have that much exp with it but as I rode it put down a tracking line on the map. At the end of the ride I think it said save track. You give it a name and it's saved in a folder. Again I'm new at it but it was something like favorite tracks or something like it. I have not used it to retrace my track so can't tell you about that but it will lay down a bread crumb path and you can save and reride it.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Are you sure about that? I didn't think there was any way to save a track on any of the Nuvi series. But I have not used a Nuvi 5x0. Next time you have the unit handy, perhaps you can post the exact steps that are needed to save a track and recall it? This question has come up before, so I think others would benefit from a step-by-step procedure.
  • I only got the thing about a week ago. I bought it one day and went for a ride the next. I am in the playing stage of learning how to use the thing. I know when I started the ride as I rode there was a blue line that followed my path. At the end of the ride I hit save or something like I and gave the ride a name. It saved it to one of the icons Garmin had like favorites but it was a different name. I then clicked on the name of the ride and a map of the ride with the blue line came up. It mapped the exact track I made that day. Now I did not re ride the save track it was to late in the day. I know the track is saved in the gps I have not tried to re ride so not sure exactly how that works.
    When I get home I will make a local ride, save it, and see how it works when I bring it up again.
    To answer the question I would say yes without a dought but since I personaly haven't gone through the entire process I would say I am 99% sure.
    I know you didn't ask but I don't know about downloading a track from a computer to the 500. I am to understand you can't do that but again I don't know from exp.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Interesting... looks like you can save a track. See page 13 here:
    Touch Where To > TrackBack to view your recent track. Touch Save to save the track to your Favorites. Touch Go! to retrace your recent path of travel.
    Cool - I didn't know you could do that. 8)
  • Here is a response from Garmin tech..

    TracBack is a feature which allows the user to return along a traveled path or route without marking any waypoints. The GPS unit will store a tracklog or "electronic breadcrumb trail" as it moves. To return to the beginning, the GPS unit will look at the hundreds or thousands of tracklog points and take the 30 most significant and turn them into a route to get back to the starting point.
    To access this feature you will need an active track log present on your device:
    From the Main Menu touch Where To
    Touch the down arrow until you see TracBack
    Touch TracBack
    The unit will give the option to save the track. You can then name the track and it will be transferred to the custom routes menu.
    This track will appear in "My Data" when the device is connected to the BaseCamp program.

    It looks Like the Nuvi 500 can hold 10 custom routes.

    I have not baught the 500 yet because I am trying to get this issue answered. Wondering if some could try this and let me know??
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