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Can you bypass the POI search on the 765T?

egale 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
One thing that continues to annoy me on the 765T is how long it takes to find an address. I love the large POI database but when I already have an address, it takes way too long to find it. Several times while it is searching for my address, I have gotten out my Garmin or Tomtom thinking it is not going to be able to find the address.

Most of the time it does find the address, although once in a while it doesn't, but where as the other gpss I have take a second or two to acknowledge the address you entered and start calculating a route, this one takes a minute or so to let you know it found the address.

Is there any way of telling it not to search the entire POI world and just take the address?


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I feel your pain. It does take a certain amount of patience sometimes. If I anticipate that a location search is definitely out of my local area I will first enter the town or zip code in the 2nd field or even just the state abbreviation (it is best to use the capital letter abbreviation to quicken that search as well) with the hope that will narrow the search. Not really sure that always helps.

    I just tried looking for a new address (about 15 miles away) on the Moto and while it did not take more than about 10 seconds it found the same address at two different locations. Both were close enough for government work, as they say, but listed in two different townships and not by the generally known town or post office name, which the Navteq maps in this gps do more often than my Garmin or Navigon do. Not sure if that is considered a higher or lower level map class??? But it happens across all brands at one time or another.

    Garmin's search process does seem to go faster, but may take more screen taps/entries to get to the same place as the Moto. Like Life in general there are lots of trade-offs. Have you noticed that the Moto presents a drop-down list of recently requested addresses in the street field? So many times I have wished Garmin did that.

    I guess this is a non-answer now that I read it! :roll:
  • pilotart 0 Points
    If I know the address, I don't open [POI], just open [Address] then> enter State> City (guesses on first or second letter> street number if known and finally Street Name (again it guesses quickly, usually three or four letters.

    POI does not have all that many 'addresses' in it anyway.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    How do you search for a "POI" if you don't go to the Address or State fields?? We're talking about the Motonav TN765T - not the Garmin 765T if there is some confusion???
  • egale 0 Points
    The township/town problem also plagues me. My Magellan had the same problem till they did a software update so I am hoping Motorola fixes that as well.

    But, getting it to confirm an address is so slow that I do give up on occasion.
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