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Problem with voice directions on Navigon for iPhone 4

ilw-00 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I am greatly frustrated by voice directions on the Navigon for iPhone 4. If these were consistent they would be very helpful especially when driving alone. But what I find is going over the same route sometimes I get the entire directions verbalized. Sometimes only part of the directions can be heard and other times nothing can be heard. I am using the latest version. I do not change my settings. Others do not seem to have this problem. Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong? Thank you.


  • bigperk 0 Points
    Are you using the phone for calls, or any other applications when you lose the directions, or is Navigon your front-running application?
  • ilw-00 0 Points
    No other applications at the time. The map is on my screen.
  • ilw-00 0 Points
    The suggestion was made to me elsewhere that perhaps I downloaded a defective copy of this program.
    I deleted the program from my iphone. I deleted it from my computer. I then got a new copy from the aps store. There was no charge of course. So far so good. I get verbal instructions and I get the streets announced which the last version did not at all. Who knows but it seems to be working. Thank you for your suggestions.
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