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New Maps available for 4350 and 4370 2010 Q1

Souren 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
I've been waiting for a while for updated maps for my Maestro 4370 and I just found the latest Quarter 1 2010 are now out.
They are at and they also have updates for the POI and buildings.


  • patruns 10 Points
    I see that you are correct. I thought Magellan used their own propriety navigation software and that Naviextras only supported iGo devices. Do these 2 devices use iGo?

    Update, appears that they do use iGo software.
  • Tim 1480 Points
    Mitac had long used iGo software in the Mio devices and since the time Magellan was purchased by Mitac they have been using iGo more often. iGo is actually even "under the hood" of the Magellan RoadMate iPhone app.
  • Shrek 0 Points
    Souren thanks for the website

    I have a Maestro 4350, which is one of the two supported Megellan models (4350 & 4370), so I bit.

    Naviextras, at least their website, is located in Budapest Hungry. $79.80 US Dollars is the bottom line including any exchange rate, VAT, or whatever else. Here's what I got for $79.80.

    1st quarter 2010 US & Canada map's - $49.95
    Premium POI's US and Canada (I believe their claim is over 12,000 poi's) - $9.95
    3D pack US and Canada - $4.95
    1 yr. subscription to Safety Cameras - $14.95 and
    the 3D Elevation Model - Free

    Download their Naviextras Toolbox (free), which is far superior to Magellan's Content Manager. Backup, download, and install through the Toolbox. Everything installs and runs fine.

    Here's a couple highlights I found after a short 60 mile trip over the weekend. The 3d buildings (in Chicago,IL at least) is far superior than what you have now. The lane assist signs show up a lot, lot more than before. Driving on an interstate, they show up at every exit (very cool). Speed limit signs are visible on interstate, state, and county roads. Probably 8 or 10 times more visible than what you have now. Safety cameras do appear at intersections and other places where they are installed. Lastly 3D elevations at bridges and other places.

    Here's the difference's. You are now using TeleAtlas maps instead of Navteq, and the AAA POI's are non existent. Oh well...for the price and the features, you can't complain.

    I'm going on about a 150 mile trip this weekend, and I'll update this more if I learn anything else.
  • RRPND 0 Points
    Thanks for the info on a map update. I was wondering if you noticed if the traffic subscribtion works with the maps from Naviextras?
  • patruns 10 Points
    Thanks for the info on a map update. I was wondering if you noticed if the traffic subscribtion works with the maps from Naviextras?
    The map should not have any bearing on the traffic subscription. The traffic subscription just causes a reroute, the same as if you plugged it in yourself.
  • GeneS 0 Points
    Updated my 4370 maps, had to reenter my traffic subscription code,it works fine.
    Went to AAA and downloaded thier POI update, it showed up and works with the new update.
    There is also an update at magellan's content manager for the 4370,
    I've noticed it now locates satelites much faster on start up, don't know which update this is from.
    My maps here in glendale AZ are much improved.
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