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iPhone 3GS+Roadmate+iTunes: draws power faster than charger

ewanwannabe 0 Points
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I'm using an iPhone 3GS and the Magellan RoadMate app as my "all in one" device while riding my motorcycle. It works very well, except for two problems, 1 major and 1 minor.

The major problem is power consumption. Even with a Griffin "PowerJolt for iPad" charger (rated at 2.1 amps vs. the normal 1 amp for typical iPhone chargers), my battery steadily declines as I ride with both Nav and music running. I get about 5 hours out of a fully charged battery WITH this charger connected and the little "lightning bolt" indicator on my iphone confirming that it is being charged. I've tried other chargers and none are any better.

It appears to me that the iPhone 3GS simply burns juice faster than the onboard charging circuitry will pump to the battery. The only solution I see is to try an auxiliary battery sleeve to bump my capacity. I've got a Trent unit on order that is rated at 5000 mAh - which should be a huge improvement.

Anyone else have any ideas about how to get this to run for 12 hours on a long ride without killing the battery? If this can be solved, the RoadMate/iPhone combination could take over the motorcycle market which is now dominated by the Garmin Zumo.

I'll post the minor problem separately.



  • navxguy 0 Points
    i can't comment on 12hr trip, nor using Roadmate, nor riding a motorcycle so i may be of no help ... but i have run my 3GS with TomTom app (or Navigon) & TomTom Car Kit and iTunes for 6hrs and frequency for 4hrs ... and i find that my charge stays steady, no noticable drain or charge (and if iTunes is off, it seems to charge) ... i wonder if it's the Roadmate App or maybe your motorcycle power source (different than car) - but i may be totally out in left field on this one. good luck.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I've also run this setup in a Ford-chassis motorhome for several hours with similar battery drain results as on my motorcycle. The motorcycle connection is very simple: it has a 12-volt battery to which I direct-connect my "cigarette ligther" socket, into that goes the Griffin PowerJolt charger. The motorcycle function shouldn't have any effect on the system wired in this way.

    Perhaps the Magellan Roadmate app is more CPU hungry than the TomTom or my particular 3GS has a hardware problem that prevents the battery from charging normally. Knowing that your setup works helps with the diagnosis.

    I expect things will work OK with the auxiliary battery, but I'd like a more elegant solution. It may also push me over the edge on the iPhone 4.
  • Tim 1502 Points
    I have the 3G (not /s) with the Magellan app and the Magellan car kit-- no battery drain issues and I get a positive battery charge when in use.
  • I had no battery problems either when I was running an iPhone 3G (not 3GS). But the load time for RoadMate was very long and often left me sitting on my bike looking like a moron waiting for my phone to start up.

    The 3G was also a bit buggy running iTunes as I suspect it just doesn't have enough processing power to easily run both. Upgrading to the 3GS drastically improved the load time and made it run smoothly with iTunes. But - the battery drain problem emerged.

    I need BOTH a fast system and good battery life.
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