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Roadmate/iPhone: why do I need "yes/no" to resume

ewanwannabe 0 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
When using the Magellan Roadmate app on my iPhone 3GS while riding my motorcycle, one small software issue becomes a major headache. When any phone call comes in, the iPhone shuts down RoadMate and answers the call. When the call is completed, it restarts RoadMate automatically. However, RoadMate pops up a dialog box "Do you want to continue navigating to ...." There is no time-out or default to "Yes". As I have my iPhone mounted in a waterproof box on my bike, I can't use the touch screen. So - I have to pull over, open the box, touch "yes", and resume riding. What are the odds that I'd answer "no" to that question!!!

Why can't it just default to "yes" after no input for 5 seconds?
Is there anyway to change this setting? I've submitted a ticket on the Magellan website, but have gotten no response.


  • patruns 10 Points
    I suspect it is because Apple is shutting the app when the call comes in. Like any GPS, when you turn on navigation, you get that screen requiring user input. Also, the 3GS does not multi-task which is probably why the app actually gets shuts down in favor of the call. I'd be interested to hear if this happens to any users with the new i-Phone.
  • caryrae 92 Points
    Actually the 3GS does have multi tasking if upgraded to 4.0, probably the Roadmate app doesn't work with multi tasking yet.

    Just saw this about the app:

    We care about our customers and products and apologize for the delay of our iOS4 update. If you have any issues with running the Magellan RoadMate on an iOS4 device, please email us at and we’ll try our best to help you find a solution.
    Maybe after it gets the ios4 update and works with multi tasking it will fix your problem.
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