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Can anyone help me Update my Navigon?

novanab 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Hello everyone, I currently am in possession of Navigon 8110 and it seems thats this model can be upgraded to 8310. So i decided to do it, I found the software and downloaded it of the internet... but now I am confused. I have a bunch of files and I really dont know what to do with them cooudl someone help me? Do I just copy them to my SD card or is there anything in particular i must perform in order to upgrade?


  • bigperk 0 Points
    Being very cautious, I think my advice would be "DON'T", unless you've paid lots of money anyway and want to take a chance. My worry is that the official ('pay for') upgrade from Navigon is handled through Fresh, and I don't know if it just copies files as you want to do, or whether it does anything special. If it does, then going your way might brick your 8110 completely.

    At the very least (you probably do, but many don't :roll: !) BACKUP your system with Fresh first, in case you run into problems and need to do a Restore.

    Can't be of any more help I'm afraid.
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