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Female Delivery Driver totally lost--- Seeks Advice

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I recently started a part time job doing food deliveries. I’m having a hard time locating street’s and addresses using traditional paper maps. I went to Best Buy this morning to ask about GPS system but the salesman didn’t offer up much information. Since getting back home I’ve been researching online- but the only reviews I can find mainly regard the technical spec’s of the units and I have some just basic questions. Like…

1. How exactly can I enter in an address. Do I have to be connected to the computer to enter in an address. Or can I simply WHEREVER (ex: in my car) I’m at enter an address to get directions?

2. Do all GPS units offer turn by turn driving directions?

3. What is the general battery life? What are the options regarding recharging the battery (UBS , car lighter etc)?


  • Tim 1482 Points
    1) You can enter an address directly from the device itself. Most of the time you just tap on the touch screen with your finger. The device will prompt you for the state, city, street, and street number. So yes, you can enter the address from wherever you are.

    2) No, there are different GPS devices designed for different purposes. For example there are some GPS devices designed for hiking that just display your location. However it is likely that all of the devices you looked at were auto GPS devices and all of those do provide turn by turn driving directions.

    3) It varies based on the device. Some last as little as two hours, some can go eight hours. Most all of them come with cigarette lighters to keep the battery charged while in the vehicle. Many also come with an AC adapter for charging at home.
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    It was with jobs like yours in mind that I grouped several GPS units this afternoon. I can totally relate to the need for optimizing a travel route, because many years ago I was in a very similar position, except that my travel consisted mainly of rural routes vs. urban/metropolitan travel.

    I would highly recommend therefore, that you also look for multiple-destination routing capabilities (can cut your delivery times drastically). Also you might want to look for 'voice-prompted' (so you don't have to take your eyes off the road), automatic re-routing (in case of accidents, road-blocks, construction, traffic jams, etc.), 'speaks street names' aka 'text to speech', 'dead reckoning sensors' would be nice if you travel between a lot of skyscrapers or such like obstructions to live GPS signals. 'Sunlight-readable', too, can be very important (wished my digital camera had that feature).

    For more information try that page I mentioned above at:
  • One thing also I would keep in mind is to comparison shop using sites like;

    once you decide on a GPS. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of GPS Units that allow Multiple Destinations but if say you are a UPS/Fed-Ex Driver where your routes change daily once you get there it can get tesious entering this on a daily basis via the touchpad. But saying that, I love my GPS and it is a time saver when you need to get somewhere and haven't a clue how to get there or the best way.

  • Tim 1482 Points
    One thing also I would keep in mind is to comparison shop using sites like;
    And of course... we have our own shopping comparison system too. ;) Most of our product specification pages list out four or five major stores with a link to many more results. For example our RoadMate 6000T page lists the prices from four major stores and then a link to a page where you can compare prices from about 20 stores.

    If you are looking for a different product you can go to that product page here or go to the GPS ShopLinc page and use the search box in the center of the page just a little down from the top. Type in the GPS you are looking for and it will provide as many prices as it can for that product. An example would be a search for "nuvi 660" which currently shows prices as low as $719.
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