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TN555 Demo glitch and overheating

NavGirl 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Purchased MOTONAV TN555 as Father's Day gift for use during rental car travel. Unit will switch to a DEMO mode after random periods of use thereby losing current search/directions. I went through the menu as best I could clicking and viewing all features as to 'check the box' of new ownership rules/regulations. Finally, resorted to utilizing the 'Reset' option returning the unit to factory settings. Currently waiting for the most inopportune moment during travel when the DEMO mode will once again appear and clear the saved trip/directions. Unit is out of warranty/return window by one week (of course). I have concern that if I sync his contacts (again) the unit may also 'react'? Additionally, the unit seems to nearly overheat after a bit of time (hour or two) and wonder if this is precipitating the malfunction? Any information/directives from experienced owners is greatly appreciated as 'we own it now' and are less than experienced ourselves. Thank you!


  • ggin1 0 Points
    Hi NavGirl,

    Welcome to the forum. You have one post, I have two.

    To de-select the demo mode, go to Help. At the bottom, you will see Exit Demo. Press Exit Demo. Be sure to say "No" when it asks you to erase all contents and restore default settings. Not sure why they want to do this. But, if you say "Yes", you will lose all your data (favorites, etc.) and settings (including bluetooth). Saying "No" will get you safely out of the demo mode.

    It seems that all the TN5xx and TN7xx's get hot from what I read in the forums. I wouldn't be too concerned about it. But then, I don't live in the sun belt.
  • NavGirl 0 Points
    Thank you ggin1!

    Relieved to learn that my issue most likely is operator error. I can fix that or at least work toward fixing that... YEAH!

    Thank you - Thank you!!!
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