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TN765T Power Buttons are breaking

Spyder63 331 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
It has been reported by a couple users that the "spring" in the top mount power slide switch is breaking. The tension on the slide button is gone which at times makes it difficult to keep power on. With a bit of finesse the gps can still be turned on and off using the switch or just by keeping it in the cradle and allowing it to power up or down automatically. When all else fails there is always Duct Tape! :lol:

One user reports that he purchased the Moto protective case for the PND and that the fit is quite snug and taking the PND in and out of the case may have been a factor - catching the button and breaking it. Another user does not have the protective case so the cause of that failure is unknown.

Motorola will send FedX forms and issue an RMA for overnight shipping. Wait time for a replacement seems to be two weeks or more and dependent on stock on hand.

Should it happen to yours you should contact support at (866-289-6686) to set up an exchange. Or just live with it if it does not affect your use.
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