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TN555 goes to Yellowstone

kjacks 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
This was our first real use of the Motonav TN555 on our trip from California to Yellowstone. I planned out our route through Google and sent the route to the GPS. My serial number starts with a 9 so I left the first number on, but when we packed up and paired the phone there were no Google routes to be found. Maybe the first number does need to be left off after all. Undaunted we set our final address and the hotel as a waypoint which worked perfectly. Didn’t try again on the return trip.


Quick recalculation. Our old built in GPS was a constant u-turn nag. We’d often just cancel the route and make a new one.

POI database. Found everything we looked for even in the park. The interim results that pop up work great although I imagine it’s much better on the larger screen of the 765.

TTS. Voice is loud, clear and understandable. We all talked like robots through the trip.

Upcoming POI’s. Great that you can pick which ones to show. Handy to know what food is available at the next exit especially when it’s so far away.

Map detail. I was surprised at the small random roads that were mapped in Nevada, Idaho, and Montana. Some were even semi-dirt. This is my first PND so maybe they are all like this, but the built in ones we’ve had weren’t this good.

Bluetooth pairing worked well, contacts transferred quickly on my wife’s LG phone.

All the different views. Like the 3d auto zoom view in town and at freeway junctions and the zoomed out 2d view when your next turn is 400 miles away. YMMV. I didn’t notice any fancy junction views, but our freeway travel was pretty simple.

The speed limit notice was handy where available.

Garmin friction mount worked great. Very steady and easy to slip under the seat. Mine came with a case for the device (Costco) and it fit too.


I wish it showed the street you are on.

Phone quality is so so. Seems to be OK on the other end, but the speaker is not loud enough (for me) even at 100%. Not as good as the Supertooth, but I think that thing cost more than this GPS so all is forgiven.

Not really upcoming POI’s. I wish you could set it to show only POI’s ahead of you. I don’t want to know what I passed up. Yes I know you can scroll down, but that arrow is so small.

Turned the unit off once as it was taking a long time to find the satellites and it cleared all our previous destinations and the home setting. I don’t know if this is as intended.

Overall we are very pleased with this unit. I've enjoyed this forum. Maybe this will help someone.


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Thanks for the trip report. Sounds like the Moto served you well.

    On a couple points you brought up -

    Sending a Google route - you cannot do that with the Moto. When you use the Send button on Google after a route has been generated it does state Only destination address will get sent. Did anything show up in the Google folder?

    Other dislikes are no surprise - they are on many a user's Wish List.

    RE: Turned the unit off once as it was taking a long time to find the satellites and it cleared all our previous destinations and the home setting. I don’t know if this is as intended.

    Exactly how did you turn off the gps? Almost sounds like a Master Reset took place and that can (or I should say, should) only happen from the Setting/System menu. A soft reset normally does not wipe out any personal data.
  • kjacks 0 Points
    Google route - Nothing showed up at all. I generated the route, picked send to gps, chose TN555 from the list, entered the serial #, and hit send. Wasn't sure what if anything would show up, but nothing did. It wasn't really necessary I just did it for fun.

    Exactly how did you turn off the gps? Held the power switch off for a while. I think that's how you turn it completely off. It's a little funky maybe it should beep or something. Turned it right back on and it found the satellites, but previous destinations were gone. I can try again and see what happens.
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