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Does the Motonav 765 need updating right out of the box?

trickeydude 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
I am ready to purchase a new GPS and the MotoNav 765 appears to be my best choice. My current one is a Garmin nuvi 360 that I bought from a Hyundai dealer when my Magellan died on the road.
I travel the Southeast extensively and have enjoyed the little Garmin except for a couple of things: 1) I believe Garmin is in collusion with the FL Turnpike people because it seems to send me out of my way to get on the toll roads. 2) I miss the ability to plan a route with multiple stops.
It seems the TN 765T will at least address the second issue.

My question is will I have to update the new GPS as soon as it arrives. Is there any way I can be assured of getting the latest production unit rather than an old one that has sit in a warehouse somewhere?


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    No way to tell what you will get if you ordered one today. It will certainly work, but unless the vendor you buy from can give you specific firmware and map info you are at the mercy of Moto production. It is not a difficult process to update, but I am guessing you are not in a position to do it once you get it?
  • Thanks for the quick response. Yeah I will be able to do it. I just dislike the idea of having to update a brand new unit. By the way, I went ahead and ordered the unit from J&R. They give me hotel points with the purchase. Hope I'm not disappointed.
    I notice that the accessory unit with the FM transmitter seems to no longer be available. What's up with that?
    Thanks again.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I agree that one deserves the latest and greatest out of the box, but I don't think Moto's production numbers are very high. I have not heard of anybody that did not have to update across all the models. Even serial numbers don't make sense - there are some that start with 9xxx and others with 1xxx.

    Get the Toolbox app installed from the Moto site and that part will be ready. Without your unit hooked up it will not do anything for you though. You will be eligible for the map update, but it does not always show up for people right away. Check in the Maps & More section. But, if miracles do happen and you are up to date out of the box - Yippie Skippy! Let us know if that happens.

    You also may want to pop in to the official Moto forum at for info as well.
  • Spyder63 331 Points

    I notice that the accessory unit with the FM transmitter seems to no longer be available. What's up with that?
    Thanks again.
    Ah, the Pro Install kit - that never did materialize and I believe the price was about $200.

    Amazon sells the Motorola Alternate Car Kit for MOTONAV GPS Navigator for $57 which consists of a power cord, cradle and mount. Good as a backup or for use in a 2nd vehicle. Also Garmin ball mounts will work with the Moto. I believe your Garmin 360 used a ball mount....??

    Also, just a heads up, if needed, I would avoid buying the official Moto protective case for the TN765 as it seems to be a very tight fit and may lead to power switch spring failure as the switch gets caught on material going in and out of the case. Almost any cheap case for a 4.3 inch gps will work as they seem to be bigger than necessary.
  • Thanks again Spyder!
    The Garmin does have the ball mount but the wife has claimed it. Her Maestro is laying in her back floorboard.
    Haven't thought of a case. I carry the Garmin case with me but never use it as the unit is usually stuck to the windshield of a rental car. The Moto should be here when I return on Friday. Can't wait!
  • Hey trickeydude~

    i bought mine from J&R and was thoroughly satisfied with speed of shipping, package quality, etc.

    BTW~ as far as updating right out of the box, these units are not considered "static", as new maps and software features are added all the time. Sorta like driver updates and program updates on a PC (they really are little PC's). So I wouldn't fear the instant update. In fact, once you verify that your unit works, updating it will ensure that you have the latest map and most stable, feature rich operating system.

    The only thing that would change my feelings on that would be if a map update were due out soon (within your 60-day free update window). In that case, I'd update the op software, but wait on the map to get the latest for free! ;)

    Hope you enjoy! (i sure am! Discovering new little goodies about this thing everyday! )
  • Ya know, it's funny about life...
    The primary reason I wanted a new GPS (except the part about gadget junkie) was because my nuvi forced me to take every toll road it could find. Monday night in a final act of compassion I brought the old 360 up to the motel room to play with it. Lo and behold there was "avoid toll roads" right in the navigation avoidances screen. Who'da thought to look there?

    I promise to read the manual for the Moto!

    Thanks ThunderLizard!
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Lo and behold there was "avoid toll roads" right in the navigation avoidances screen. Who'da thought to look there?

    I promise to read the manual for the Moto!

    Thanks ThunderLizard!

    You know, sometimes in trying to help we don't ask the seemingly innane/basic questions for fear of offending someone - such as "I don't think my PC is working because I don't see anything on the screen." ..."is the power cord to the monitor plugged in?" or "is the monitor turned on?"

    So, FWIW, the TN765t also has the same type of avoidance attributes to select. 8) And here is one of those innane/short bus points....make sure you have your vehicle type set correctly. You will get a really weird route to Peoria if you are in Pedestrian mode! :lol: The Moto also has 3 different route types to choose from - quickest, shortest and mostly highways. You can preview each before you choose.
  • Alrighty then!
    I have my new TN 765T. I have updated the unit to the lastest maps and software, and I'm ready to go.

    Next problem: How do I get my favorites from the Garmin to the Moto? Or is this possible! I have all my customer names and address in a excel file. Could I do it from there?

    I have the address in my phone and have sync'ed them into the Moto but can't figure out how to get it to navigate to one of them.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Well congrats on getting the Moto in your hot little hands. As for your two requests/needs I think you are SOL with getting your Garmin favorites over.

    With your phone contacts you need to have a complete street address with state and zip associated with each entry then you can route to it. At least the state but probably the zip as well.
  • Thanks Spyder!
    The full address including the state and zip are in the iPhone. From what I can find the only info that sync'ed was the name and phone number.

    Did I do something wrong.

    Could I not download the contact info from a spreadsheet?
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I'm using a much lower tech Motorola Razr v9 phone and this combo works for me. I don't know how or if it is possible to sync or match the IPhone contact fields with the Moto. You may have to explore that in the IPhone forums as my guess is if it can happen it will have to be modified on the phone end. You could always call Moto support and ask. Or go ask in the Motonav forum at

    Not a lot of users there but somebody may have an IPhone. I have not seen the problem brought up over there though.

    As for importing spreadsheet - unless you "hack" the Moto to get directly to Windows CE there is no provision for importing anything into the PND unless Moto sanctions or offers it. There are skins out there for other WinCE PNDs but I have not heard of or found anyone willing to try one on the Moto PND. We don't even know what file(s) on the gps holds our personal data, including favorites.

    Since the Moto runs on Nav N Go software there may be a clue at their web site.
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