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Audio out

keith590 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
hey again. i got my motonav tn765t a few days ago and i'm still trying to figure a few things out. i knew being an obscure name in the gps line, it wouldn't have the support of the tt, etc, but i just didn't realize i would be flapping in the wind so much. anyways, i'm haven't been able to find info on if i can go bluetooth out to an external speaker, fm transmitter and so forth. i saw that moto did have a hard mount, but don't now when or what they r doing with it if anything. my old tt had the option of going bluetooth out. so am i stuck with just the internal speaker? has anyone tried devices like io play as an option? it would be nice to have an option to have everything like gps and music go through the car speakers.



  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Certainly seems like the Moto is going to be a major disappointment for you, based on the BT question and others. All I can tell you about the BT pairing beyond cell phone connections is I think your chances are slim. I can pair my laptop with the Moto, but it does not optimize or finalize the connection so totally useless. PC detects the Moto as a BT headset, hands-free telephony device, and a serial connection. Nothing works. I have no other BT devices to try.

    Others have lamented the lack of a simple line out/audio port on the PND. That would give you/us all we want. And it does seem the car kit is dead, but also an expensive accessory at $200 that most would find hard to justify.

    If you come up with a solution let us know.
  • thanx again for the quick reply spider. i wasn't surprised by your response. seems like moto made a pretty good gps, then just after production they scrapped it and are just going to give the minimal (if even) support. even so, i'm pretty satisfied with the nav. it seems solid compared to the many i tried and returned. i haven't had any problems with the unit so far. i just hope they don't stop updating the maps, although they have only 2009 q4 out.

    just curious, say 2011 comes around and they still have 2009 map updates and support goes more south, do we have any recourse? it seems with a company as big as moto has an obligation to us.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Re map updates - well, we thought the same thing about Navigon and their liability since most of their products came with 2-3 free years of map updates (quarterly) and then they pulled out of the US market year ago and support has gone down the crapper and updates were not to be seen, but they have surprised us a bit with an occasional map update. Not coming close to fulfilling their "contractual obligation" but what are we gonna do? Boycott their IPhone app I guess. The same scenario may occur with Moto, who knows.

    BTW have you checked into the official MotoNav forums at ? We actually have the ear of a Moto employee/moderators that gets involved and passes on our bug finds and problems to the Moto Dev team and gets us results. He is way better than calling Moto Support, who still get confused between Motonav app for mobile phones and knowing there is a PND line of the same name and nature.
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