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Cobra back in the GPS Game

gatorguy 326 Points
Joining the rush to return the gps market, Cobra is back too. Just announced is the New 7750 Platinum trucking gps. According to their press release, the new 7" screen pnd includes "Junction View with Lane Assist, State Mileage Log, and Hours-of-Service Log. In addition, the new 7750 Platinum features the industry's best last-mile routing, offering superior road coverage on secondary highways. The enhanced graphics and menu options on the 7750 Platinum provide maximum visibility in sunlight and optimized efficiency when scrolling through searches and settings of the unit. The new Quick-Tabs allow drivers to see critical information such as the distances to weigh stations, travel centers, rest areas and mile markers at a glance."

"The 7750 Platinum includes 3 months of unlimited downloads from Cobra's exclusive AURATM Camera & Driving Hazard Database, which alerts drivers to the locations of fixed speed and red-light cameras, dangerous intersections and known speed traps.
The Cobra 7750 Platinum will be available at travel centers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $499.95."


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Interesting. May be a viable gps for RVers as well.

    FWIW the Motonav line of PNDs uses Cobra's AURA Safety Camera Database and includes both the US and Canada. There is a $40 annual charge or 3 yr for $80. Apparently is it not the same database offered for the Cobra 7750 as no Driving Hazard data is mentioned.
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