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Garmin favorites to TomTom favorites - is it possible?

kwhunter 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
After years of using Garmins, I had the bright idea to buy a TomTom (XXL 540).
Ever since I struggle to find a way to transfer my favorites; saved them as waypoints in Mapsource, converted to gpx, then used Tyre to load them up in the TomTom and they ended up as an itinerary...
This is NOT what I want.
Is there a way to transfer them as Favorites?

I found the solutin: POI edit


  • Use POIEdit to save the file in ".ov2" format which is the POI file format your TomTom will understand, Once you have the file in ov2 format copy it to the Western_Europe/ North_America (as applicable) map folder and you can now use Navigate To/ POI - Mike
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