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Magellan Car Kit for Iphone

nuvira 91 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
I just bought Magellan Car Kit for Iphone.
Good design and nice fit for iPhone.
But, it keeps connect/disconnect itself from power source(cigarette lighter).
Anyone has same problem with it ? :roll:


  • I exchanged Car kit with new one.
    but, this time, Kit speaker doesn't work !

    You shouldn't buy this car kit.
    Never buy this ONE !
  • I agree with you. I have owned both the magellan and tomtom kit, and both have very poor reinforcing designs between the physical casing and electronic components.

    The Magellan kit died within 2 months. When I received the tomtom kit, I proactively zip-tied all of the connectors to keep them from wiggling as much as possible.

    TomTom was annoying and asked me if I wanted to buy the app every time I connected. I did break down and get the app to get rid of the annoying message. Interestingly enough, it had the worst accuracy of any gps I've used to date (I maintain that Navigon is the best, ever, even though I have ideas for it, I know the team will publish them without my prodding, kudos to them).

    One would think that R&D would have realized that these kits do not perform satisfactorily under normal driving conditions. Sure I drive 3 hours round-trip daily for work, but these things should be built rock solid.

    I've resorted to the griffin autopilot for charging/audio, and a generic iphone windshield mount to hold the phone. The iPhone 3gs gps is just not-crappy enough to work on my last trip between Delaware Tennessee. And its a damn shame too, because WAAS has been out forever (shame on you apple, shame on you for not using it over 4 years ago).
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