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Motonav 765t - What is the connector for on the stand?

dberladyn 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav

I recently bought a Motonav 765t. What is the connector for on the stand? What can I plug in there?

I hope I am being clear in my question. On the stand there is a power connector and there is another connector which I have no idea what it's for, what devices it supports etc. The documentation is somewhat limited in regards to this. Hopefully someone here can give me great detail on this connector and possible uses.



  • I, too, have wondered the same. I`m just guessing, but it may for a future accessory of some kind....maybe an external antennae? I`ve had mine a couple of months now and have seen absolutely no reference to it anywhere on the web......
  • My guess is the port was to be used by the, now defunct, Car Kit TA105 which was to utilize that connector port as well as the power connector. This car kit was vaporware and never sold. It had a hefty price of $199. Rather than make two different cradles it appears there was only one type and would possibly allow your original cradle to be used with the car kit if you ever got one. If you look and zoom in on the picture of the cradle at this Amazon link you can see a cable attached to it.
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