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Should I buy "off" brand GPS systems from EBAY?

snake2333 0 Points

When one does a search for GPS navigation system on Ebay and narrrows the search down to : GPS navigation > gps systems > automotive > new > price limit $120.

He/she will see some brand models such as Tom Tom, Garmin, Magellan. But, more often he will see "Off" brand systems.

they usuaully linger around $60 to $99. Almost all of them are shipped from china, hong kong and the likes. .And boy do they offer a lot for a little. take this one for example:

[link removed -- mod]

My question is Has anyone ever tried buying off brand gps systems from ebay? if not can you tell me from prior experience or knowledge how these types of gps systems rank? I am on the fence whether to buy these types of gps systems or brand names like garmin?

Here are a few others to consider :

[links removed - mod]

You can also see for yourself just do the specific search i did and you go to pages 10 or 12


  • dhn 336 Points
    These gps units are usually using hacked software and cracked maps. The policy on this forum is not to show specific links to stuff such as this, which is why they have been removed.

    Trust me, you get what you pay for ........ stick to a well known brand such as Garmin or TomTom.
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