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General GPS Questions and GPS system suggestion.

snake2333 0 Points

I am a newbie at GPS systems. this GPS site is extremely helpful and has answered most of the my questions, but alas some remain.

Here they are:

1. What does "Number of routes" mean? I see under specs of any gps system and it says Routes or number of routes: 10 or more commonly zero.

2. Is there a big difference between having a gps that has 12 channels vs one that has 20? I know 20 is better but is the difference substantial?

3. Some gps sytstems have: CPU: SiRF Atlas4 500MHz. is this good?

4. What does dead reckoning mean?

For the suggestion part... how is the the garmin 855 model. It has voice interaction, lane assistance, street names, price is only $120.... but the one con is that it does not have 3d view. what do you think?



  • Tim 1497 Points
    1) It means the number of pre-programmed routes (a starting point, any mid points, and the final destination) that can be stored on the GPS. Many just use your current location and ask you for your destination and pick a route for you-- others allow you to save routes ahead of time (number of routes).

    2) See our article: Do Chipset Channels Matter?

    3) It depends how much work the GPS is trying to do... but generally looking at the processor specs doesn't give much of an indication of performance.

    4) Generally it means the ability of the GPS to attempt to predict where you are if it can't keep a satellite signal.
  • Thank you so much man. I really appreciate it.
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