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Nor'easter vacation gps goodness

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Just got back from a week of traveling around Mass/ME/NH/VT etc. looking at the fall foliage and such. Drove a rental for the week and used the 765 constantly, as the NE, and actually most of the rest of the U.S., freeways/roads aren't like the ones in Texas, where there's a gas station, McDonalds, strip center and easy access every mile or so. (ugly, but easy)

Everywhere else you'd better know that the exit you're taking is the right one as you may or may not be able to easily find/get your way back on the road. I exaggerate, but if one is a first timer it's a dash of sudden realization that you don't forget.

Along those lines the 765 worked perfectly, guiding us through the hilly backroads of VT, NH and Maine not missing a turn, and through the crazy quilt of twisty turney town centers next to/through mountains or ocean where every turn counts.

Never ever did we get the wrong directions from the 765, alway got us to our destination all week long.

Just some more positive info for anyone thinking of buying one. I find it much more enjoyable and interesting to use than the old Garmin 755.
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