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GPS Garmin 855 and live traffic question

snake2333 0 Points
Hey, couple of days ago had a sale on the Garmin 855. The price was $100. Not bad, even for a system that has low volume, freezes....I've read the cons on other forums. Unfortunately, the sale is no more. I know the the people on here are experts and know great deals on gps systems, but does anyone know whether amazon is going to have such a sale again? And if yes then when?

There are some GPS Systems I have heard that give live traffic updates for free. Which ones are they?

Thank You


  • alanb 557 Points
    The 855 is a discontinued model, and the sales are probably attempts by stores to unload the inventory so they can stock newer models. Walmart had a 1 day sale on the 855 for $98 earlier this week, so it is possible that it will go on sale again somewhere. Your best bet is to watch this and the other GPS enthusiast forums daily. Sales are usually reported by forum members as soon as they are discovered.

    Incidentally, I have had my 855 for 10 months and have never had freeze up problems or low volume problems. I have had spontaneous reboots a few times and that seems to be tied to the audio functins (MP3 player, POI alerts, navigation prompts, etc.). Overall it has been a good unit and is a real bargain for < $100 IMO.
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