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New Roadmate 3055 missing most Dunkin Donuts locations

jdr01930 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
When on the road with my old GPS, I would frequently search and find dunkin donuts locations no problem. My new Roadmate 3055 is missing most locations. For example, there are 3 or 4 locations in my town, but none of them are found - nearest one is 20 miles away. I've tried searching for "Dunkin" "Dunkin Donuts" using the Coffee selection, etc. It finds every little nook and cranny coffee shop, starbucks, etc- but almost no dunkin donuts.

Does magellan or their provider have a beef or contract dispute with DD or something? What gives?

Specifically - there should be some in Zip Code 01930, but I'm not finding anything there. Is it just me????

Help! My job frequently takes me to areas I'm not that familiar with, and I've always depended on my GPS to find DD for me. Other that that, this unit has been a great bang for the buck.

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  • Tim 1497 Points
    Most GPS devices include only about 4-6 million POIs. There are about 25 million POIs in the map coverage area. Unlike the road database the maps generally don't try to inlcude every known business.
  • Thanks Tim.

    Some initial searching seems to indicate there is no way to import or add POI's to this model - can someone confirm that's the case?

    At the price point this model is at I'm not really expecting that level of functionality, but if there's a way to hack stuff in there it would be interesting to know. Of course, even if it were I'd then have to find a database of DD locations. I'm not quite that obsessed! (I'm a computer geek by trade and know how to do that stuff in the Garmin world - Magellan is new to me though)
  • Magellan has just recently switched, mid-model cycle, to TeleAtlas and no longer uses NAVTEQ maps. This may account for why you cannot find any Dunkin Donuts.
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