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TT ONE LE vs. Navigon2100

bressler 0 Points
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I was pretty sure on buying the TomTom this Friday for $120 until I saw that Radio Shack has this Navigon 2100 with free lifetime traffic for $149. Do you think it is worth the extra $30, or should I stick with the name brand?
Also, I doubt either can do this, but can they save a point not on a street (campsite) or can any of the models in that price range?


  • Tim 1480 Points
    I think NAVIGON shows great promise and commitment. I'm not sure their devices are quite ready for prime time yet. Check out this thread and this thread.
  • If traffic is really important to you, you might consider the TomTom 3rd Edition to which you can add the optional RDS-TMC traffic receiver. Of course you will have to subscribe and pay for the traffic info.

    With the 3rd edition as opposed to the LE you give up the Itinerary Planning with multiple waypoints. Of course the LE does offer the Bluetooth traffic option for compatible phones but most people don't find this to be a very acceptable way to get traffic info.
  • thanks a lot guys, you guys are great
  • Have you seen the Staples ad today? They show the Navigon 2100T for $99.99 (regular $299.99) with text to speech and built-in real time traffic alerts for major highways and cities and lifetime FREE traffic.

    As much as I personally like the TomTom units, if traffic was a concern for me I would probably have to get one of these. But I would get it knowing that the screen interface is not the most responsive and the icons are so small that I might have to use the stylis. Check out their web site for detailed specifications.
  • trish 181 Points
    How long is a lifetime these days? :D I'm seriously considering this unit. I'll have to do a little more research.
  • trish 181 Points
    The free lifetime traffic only covers 68 markets. Here is a link to those markets.
  • The free lifetime traffic only covers 68 markets. Here is a link to those markets.
    I just bought the last one at Staples in Branford, CT. I'm a little bummed that New Haven, CT isn't on the list. Guess I should be glad I live in Central IL where traffic isn't an issue.

    But the traffic should still be free as other communities are added to the program. What I don't understand is how the makers of all the other GPS units get by charging for traffic info that is freely provided?
  • Think of the Navigon 2100 as a Jessica Simpson and the TomTom One LE as a Rese Witherspoon and you're talking about a fairly long term relationship.

    Let's look at the Jessica Simpson (Navigon 2100). She is beautiful with beautiful curves in all the right places, has a beautiful voice and is always up to date on traffic. But then she doesn't have a lot going for her under the hood. She stubbornly takes directions requiring multiple clicks to get an instruction to take and she knows very few POIs and can't learn about new ones and certainly won't share with anyone else. And she knows nothing about Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii. And her voice is a little too soft to hear in busy traffic or at highway speeds.

    Then there is the Rese Witherspoon (TomTom One LE) which is also beautifully styled but perhaps a bit less graphical than the Jessica but still more than adequate. But the real beauty is what's under the hood. She is very customizable and takes directions easily. She knows lots of POIs and is always willing to share and learn from others. She knows how to go to multiple destinations and her only flaw is that she doesn't do traffic.

    Bottom line is that you're going to be happy with either a Jessica or a Rese but since you have a choice, which one do you prefer?

    I was lucky enough to get a Rese at the BF price of $119.99 for my workhorse AND a Jessica for $99.99 with free traffic as sort of a plaything and for when I need traffic info. :wink: so I'm keeping BOTH! (Need a bunny ears icon here :lol: )
  • you are my Hero!! :lol:
  • Mine as well :-)
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