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Stupidly format TFAT on Magellan 1430

tiabetit 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
Dear Sir/Madam
I regret because make you spend time for helping me !!!
My son stupidly format TFAT of Magellan 1430 and now when I turn it on, it stop at blue screen (with logo of Magellan) , progressing bar stop at about 90% length !!!!! When plug it to PC, PC cannot reconize TFAT and SD card, luckily i have saved contents of TFAT before.
I try to read many topic in this forum but maybe no case like me.
So may you give me an useful link or give me a brief details how to repair it ?
Once more time, i'm so sorry because make bother to you
PS: Please help my son, he spent most of saving money for this one
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