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TomTom Map Update Prices Too High

BikeDH 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I love my TomTom XL but just can't see paying $12.95 every quarter for a map update. I would gladly pay $15 or $20 every year for an annual update. I would think the TomTom company could make just as much money charging a cheaper rate. I'm better off using my XL two years then passing it along to a friend and buying the newer technology that has the updated maps.


  • Good point.

    Most of the newer TTs come with lifetime free quarterly map updates and lifetime free traffic. So this shouldn't be a problem the next time you upgrade.

    I'm sure TT did this for competitive reasons because the newer Garmin Nuvi's also have that as probably do most of the other GPS suppliers.
  • sbukosky 91 Points
    I wouldn't mind the money if I wouldn't loose all of my favorites when I load a map. I'm amazed that this flaw has not been fixed after these years.
  • dhn 336 Points
    Copy the mapsettings.cfg file from a backed up map to the new map folder. That should return your favourites.

    If your unit starts rebooting when you do this, then connect to Home, run the emulator (Operate my Unit) and make a change to one favourite, add one, delete one, edit one, doesn't matter.

    Then use Home's Device Disconnect icon to remove the unit and restart. Rebooting should be gone.
  • I'm looking for a new TomTom and I not going to buy one that does not have the lifetime map feature. Looks like I can save money and heartbreak. Now if they would just work on TT Home.
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