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Navigon GPS maps for US/Canada fix

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I purchased a navigon 7310 off of eBay and realized it was a European version that works (which isn’t a problem since I may end up in Europe within a few years). The issue is that I would like to use it at home in the US. I have acquired some US maps (after my failed attempts to transfer the US maps from my navigon 7100 to the 7310).

I duplicated the European map card to another 4 GB card designated for the US maps. I kept the files from the European card and exchanged the maps and .nfs files from the downloaded US maps, I actually got the maps to work, however there is something missing since I cannot input street names into the gps to get the directions to get to a location. If I go to the map directly I can zoom into a location and press take me there and it appears that it wants to take me there (awaiting gps signal).

Is there a fix or something I am missing that needs to be downloaded.
Secondary question - for all the 3d features and other bells and whistles that come with the navigon 7310, should I purchase/acquire the navigon 8300 series US maps to accommodate the 7310?


  • You need software designed of US also.
  • do you happen to know the software name that i need?
  • yea Navigon MN 7.3.5. It's the most current software available for US customers.
  • thanks i will try to aquire it!
  • i have the MN 7.3 and transfereed it to my card however i still have the issue of not being able to type in an address and pull up a location. i can go to the maps see the US and zoom into an address and hit the go to location option. inside the mn 7.3 i have the following .nfs files:
    map drawer
    POI cats
    Reality view
    is there something i am missing or when i copied the files did i not put a nfs in teh right place

    thanks for the assistance
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