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I hate the RED speed indicator Nuvi 765 fm 4.00

I hate the RED speeding indicator.

How does Garmin get off on deciding for me when I should be notified that I am speeding? Are they the cop? NO.

I want my BLACK/WHITE speed indicator back !!!

Here's the problems....
1) The RED is difficult to see during the day on the white background.
2) The RED is extremely difficult to see at night against the blue background.
3) At night the blue background has a fade and the top part is lighter, this adds to the difficulty of viewing the top of the numbers.
4) I find it takes me a LOT longer to focus on the speed and this is a driving hazard.

Now before you get all righteous on me and tell me not to speed, I find the Garmin speed limit signs do not all ways reflect the proper speed limits and therefor erroneously show the speed in RED.

What would be better??
1) Give me a setting to turn it off.
2) Allow the user to set a buffer speed before turning red. For example allow me to set a 10 MPH buffer that continues to display the speed in BLACK until the speed exceeds the buffer, 50 in a 40 for example.
3) A better contrasting color that is easier for the eyes, like yellow on blue.
4) Or change the speed limit sign to RED so that it doesn't effect being able to view the actual speed of travel and allow us the settings mentioned above.
5) Garmin, you stick to showing me the way and I will determine how fast to drive.

I want to run the 4.00 firmware for the benefit of the touch screen accuracy but I just could not take the RED speed indicator any more and downgraded the firmware to 3.90.

Anyone know how to hack the color of the speed so I can go back to 4.00?


  • Don't know how to hack it but agree with you 100% The red numbers are extremely difficult to read especially at night against the blue background. It was far better in earlier firmware versions with the black and white format.
  • SergZak 340 Points
    I sometimes wonder if Garmin actually does any on-road (or even in-house simulation) testing on the some of the visual changes they make, like with the red over-speed indicator. It truly is VERY difficult to read at night...but all we can do is complain to Garmin since without the complaints, they truly believe that everything is hunky-dory with their firmware releases. Why they don't use beta testing on the nuvi series is beyond belief. They beta many of the handhelds, why not the nuvi?

    Another bug which also needs correcting is the broken speech in the Language Guide. If I actually depended on this and it was rendered useless by one of Garmin's updates (as it has been with 4.0), you'd bet I'd be plenty mad.
  • MY speedometer is in black and white :)
    so the speed indicator on the gps doesn't play into it much ....

    but, agree with you on the red on blue.... probably most difficult color combination for most to see - especially that small of a font !
  • sky81 30 Points
    I think we're unanimous. The red is simply awful. I've tried different "Dashboards" on my 2595LMT, and each one has a different color drawback. Depending on the dashboard, I can't see the color either in the day or at night.

    I'd like the color feature to have the option to turn it off, or offer downloadable dashboards that do not change the speed to red. Otherwise, I wish it would be removed in an update.
  • I di dnot know you could not turn it off. luckily both of mine don't have this (260 and 255W) because that would really annoy me, especially since most speed limits around me have changed recently and would be red most of the time.
    Also it is stupid that they don't give you a buffer to set.
  • Jeeps 81 Points
    4.00 fixed so many things and irritated us all with the red speed overage.

    2460's at night are and EVER so slightly, orangish red at night when compared to a 765 side by side.

    newest pet peve is why has Garmin changed Interstates to Orange when most maping books, and themselves (in the past) have had Interstates as RED? Orange/yellow has historically been used for secondary and US highways. errrrr.

    Guess their reason is........cause they can.
  • DerekW 232 Points
    However Garmin's greatest crime is to not check compatibility of their screens with the use of Polarising sun glasses. To maximise clarity the Satnav has to be at about 45 degrees to the horizontal to maximise image clarity.
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