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How I mounted my Motonav tn765t

tr59210 0 Points
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I had my motonav mounted in my sunglass visor holder that is attached to the roof of my car. Turned out pretty well, although these pictures don't do it justice. The only annoying thing, which actually isn't very annoying, is that I cannot see the top .5" of the GPS which isn't too much of a problem. I routed the power wire behind the dash and up the side of the car. Pretty simple, actually.

The GPS doesn't block the rear-view mirror either.

The neat thing is that I can always have it plugged in and it turns on/off automatically with the car. The satellite reception is great, no problems. Just have my fingers crossed for the next map update which should be out soon, hopefully. Got this GPS from the sears thanksgiving day sale!






  • I also got mine @ Sears.

    My brother-in-law had this mount for his TomTom and the base connector (the one that all the different options connect to) is a perfect fit for the Motonav. Just ordered one myself.
  • yeah i had the friction mount for my old nuvi, but I hated getting the gps out of the glove compartment etc and having the friction mount laying on the floor/dash. So I just mounted it in the visor. I'ts GREAT lol

    PS. Are the pictures showing?? They aren't for me.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Your pictures are not showing. The syntax seems OK and when I tried one direct they are OK, but it may be the feature has been turned off or broken. The forum servers were physically moved a few days ago so maybe something happened or decisions were made to turn off the feature. If a picture does not show up in Preview mode then you know it is not working and I do not see the pic.


    Also congrats to you guys on snagging a new Moto 765T. That was a good deal. You may want to check in to the "official" Motonav forum at Motorola for additional info on the Motonav line.

    UPDATE: Looks like BBCode is still working and the forum does not like your link to the photo depository???? Mine are at Photobucket.

  • Tim 1482 Points
    The pictures are not showing because the URL of the images doesn't include a file type extension (like .jpg, .png, etc). The forum software won't embed images without a proper extension largely for security purposes.
  • TxBs 0 Points
    The photos do link, just knock off the html tags at both ends.



  • Spyder63 331 Points
    No, by "link" we mean they would be visible in the individual post in this/any forum as my earlier example shows. Tim explained what the problem was. My link, which is not seen, does have the file extension .jpg in it.

    Using your info will allow one to go direct to the site and see the pictures. The site the OP used just doesn't work with this site unfortunately.

    Goes to show one is never too old to learn something new as my dear, old, departed Mother used to say. :wink:
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