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New Roadmate 3030 user, adding custom POIs

haroldo 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
I've seen a few posts referring to a POI editor that 'came with the unit'
My Roadmate 3030 only had the plug, GPS and window mount (as well as a manual and a few coupons), but there wasn't any software.
How do I add custom POIs, such as red light or speed trap cameras.
Is there a Mac compatible Contact Manager?
Confused about something else, the site shows I have Lifetime Maps, if that's the case, why do they have this offer ?


  • I got my 3030LM recently so not familiar with all its features.
    If yours is 3030 not 3030LM, then there is no free lifetime map update. LM stands for Lifetime Map update.
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    From the FAQ's at

    Basic Steps:
    Use Magellan POI File Editor to convert files to Magellan format (.mgln file)
    Use Magellan RoadMate Tools to transfer the the .mgln file from your computer to your GPS via USB cable
    Enable the file on your GPS by going to: Navigation Options > Configuration > Custom POI's > Select a POI File

    There's also a couple of Magella Roadmate and poi's discussion threads at the same site, tho not specifically your device.
  • Would someone tell me what is the purpose of this tiny hole on the left side of 3030LM screen?

    I don't think 3030LM has voice activated feature. I am not sure if it's the sensor for day or night view, as I tried blocking it with my finger during the day and it didn't switch to night view (I think I set it to auto mode).

    Maybe the frame shares with other models with voice activated feature? Or is it a hidden buttom for resetting the unit?

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