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Did Magellan give up

DonF 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
It's been way over a year since any new models have hit the streets (Maestro anyway). Has Magellan packed it in? Is Roadmate going to be their only "on the road" line? I would have bet money they would have had something ready for Xmas. Looks like my 4700 is going to be an orphan. RIP......


  • gatorguy 326 Points
    Actually they have had a couple of new devices this year. The Roadmate 9020 is an example. Super-sized 7" screen (overkill if not in an RV or big-rig IMO), One-Touch interface, AAA road assistance. . . and a 30 minute battery life? Gotta be a mistake, but perhaps not. Anyway, at around $270 list, Magellan is still sticking to the plan of loading up on the features but keeping the price reasonable.
  • Tim 1480 Points
    I think he meant Maestro models specifically, excluding RoadMate models. My guess is that Magellan found that the older RoadMate name had more brand recognition and is just going to keep that name and drop the Maestro name which didn't really catch on... just a guess.
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    Thanks Tim. I think you're right on what the question actually was.
  • Doug 0 Points
    I think Tim is right about the Maestro name drop. I spoke with their senior marketing guys over a year ago about the upper-end market and they said they were in play.. unfortunately the products have not borne out that claim.

    Although Magellan has come out with a couple new units this year they are basically repetitive or not designed for the professional user, especially those who travel. It is fairly obvious that the company is underfunded by Mitac and they are now woefully behind their primary competitors in features such as voice recogniton, trip routing (and saving), "live" POI, signal acquisition, speed & accuracy, which is a sad state for us Magellan loyalists.

    I recently did the 2010 map upgrade and software upgrade for my 4700 and I'm pleased to say I do think the accuracy and re-routing is a bit improved but why in the world did this take nearly a year to fix? In the same period Tom Tom & Garmin have come out with numerous ugrades, maps, etc..

    I'll continue to use the 4700 until it no longer is viable and then it's probably Garmin-time... I mean just look at that 3790 as an example of listening to the professional consumer's needs and the upper end of the market.
  • DonF 0 Points
    Yea they don't really need two lines of auto navigation with basically identical +/- features. The Maestro name just doesn't cut it. Then again, the Nuvi' !! mmmmmm
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