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5100max 7100t diffrences

roadster 96 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
guess tese are the only two around to really pick from, 5100max, or 7100, 7200

what are te diffrences?

I think te 5100max still has the older windshield mount, and ifhte 5100max does not have lane assist, ten I am best to get the 7100 if I can find one.


  • The only other differences I can think of are 3D buildings (not a lot of them in the 7200 anyway) and the touchscreen is flat with the bezel of the unit. Screen on the 7200 has more glare too since it is more like shiney mylar.
  • so basically the 5100max is the same as the 7001 and 7002
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