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Manual operation for a bike

motuiti 0 Points
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Aside from using my newly gifted Roadmate 3045 for road use, I'd like to use it for my bike.

I just want to, "From a Starting Point", to measure distance covered and average speed. A directional indication would be nice when you are moving.

Can someone tell me how to go about this or where in the manual this info can be found.



  • I really don't think that unit has that capability. What the direction you are going is there, but there is no average speed or total distance built in. However, if you have an android phone. There is an App. called Cardio trainer. It is free and it gives you the information that you are looking for. Plus several other things.
  • Nuts.
    I'm used to GPS's from years back when boating. They all had this feature.
    So you say, I cant use it on my bike. Nuts again.

    How about an iPhone - plan to get one when verizon hooks up next month.

  • I think there is a Magellan that has trip information like that. I just don't think the 3045 is that unit. Some of them have pedestrian mode, but I think they just still get you from one place to another.
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