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CD-ROM's bundled with 6000T

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Well Christmas came and I opened my 6000T, set it up in my car, then went to check out the CD's. My box contained: 1 * 6000T Documentation CD, & 1 * 3000 Tools CD.

Whilst I'm certain that there shouldn't be any extra PC software for the 6000T, is this how Magellan sends out the CD (labeled for RM3000 only?)


  • Put it back in the box and take it back. Trade it for a Garmin, TomTom, or some other mode of Magellan. Nothing but problems from mine and their tech support is less than desirable. Yes mine came with 3000t cd also. Read other posts about problems with that unit. JUNK!!!
  • CNCRepairguy, If you wish to spread discord concerning the Auto nav that I and many other members own, please leave it in the the GPS recommendation forum, and try to refrain from airing your disappointment with your experience with a bad unit when responding to queries made by other member asking an completely unrelated question.

    BTW, apart from NAVteq maps (or Magellan's interpretation of them) not figuring in junctions onto 2-way streets where left turns aren't permitted, My unit is working perfectly.
  • I did not mean to offend anyone, BTW I just recieved a replacement unit from magellan. I hope it works like it is supposed to. I am glad you are having luck with your unit. However I feel compelled to let other users know of the problems I have experienced with my now previous unit. All I am saying is buyer beware. 8)
  • Terranaut, Have you tried to update your unit yet? I still have not been able to update either one of my units.
  • CNC, most members of this forum, found it through searching for user reviews, so they would have noticed a few discontent customers and had viewed the individual threads reviewing their unit. However the ranting "It's a piece of s%^t, the retailler is a crook!' style posts are more than likely overlooked as they rarely give a rational review as to why the user feels that the item is not worth the money or the store shouldn't get your business.

    As to updating my RM6000T, It was the Fourth thing that I did,

    1st turned it on, saw the note that it was extremely low on power and went into sleep mode.
    2nd Set up the windsheld mount.
    3nd Charged it.
    4th D/L'd and installed the 1.21 update.

    I had no issues with the update process apart from the flash program appearing to hang during the flash process, but that was due to the programmer writing code with a DOS mindset in a multitasking OS. It is running just fine.
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