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Software in new memory card

innspiron 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum

I am using Navigon 7000T. By accident used memory card has been formated FAT32 with windows 7 and all info was erased.
Before that I have saved .map file to y pc. So can paste it into memory card.

But where do I get other files (software) needed to operate Navigon device? As now my device says please insert memory card even it's in.

I tried to use Navigon Fresh but when I choose 'Navigon software update' it says "No Navigon software was found. Make sure that your Navigon device is switched on and correctly connected to the computer". But I am sure its connected correctly and switched on. Maybe it's because windows finds that device as windows mobile and sets appropriate drivers for that, as I connect Navigon using usb 'Windows mobile Device Centre' shows up. How do I fix this?

I tried to reset device but it did not help.

Where do I get Navigon Software for memory card?
Please help. Please.
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