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TT720 won't boot up without SD card original map disappeared

judithfinch 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I recently returned from a trip to the US with my TT, using an SD card for the US map. Now having returned to the UK I can no longer access my original Europe map. The Tomtom only boots up or connects to the computer with the US map SD card in the machine. And then the original hard drive and maps (europe and downloaded Turkey) are nowhere to be seen.
I have reset the TT without the SD card in , but then it only boots up to a screen basically telling me I shouldn't have removed the SD card.
I have seen steps to restore the harddrive but as I cannot access it I cannot back up and restore it.
Any step by step advice would be greatly appreciated as the unit is out of warranty.


  • With the SD card removed from the device connect it to the PC and using Windows Explorer can you see a drive letter associated with the TomTom?

    Assuming there is a drive letter present open it by clicking it and can you now see files/ folders etc - Mike
  • Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. i can't do anything with the Tomtom without the SD card in. It just freezes either on a big red cross or on a picture that shows an sd card being removed and a red cross. When I click on computer it doesn't show the Tomtom as being connected. So I cant search for the files.
    With the SD card it comes up but then the only files (maps) I see are the ones on the SD card.
    Thanks again.
  • Give the reset button in the base a prod then try connecting it to the PC without the SD card fitted, finally switch it on, it should be recognised as a drive letter allowing you to try what I suggested in the earlier post.
    Don't worry about the reset switch as it won't wipe any data or settings - Mike
  • Hi Mike, I've reset again. This time when I plugged it into the computer and turned it on it stuck on the picture of the tomtom sitting in its cradle..with no x. Tomtom Home did not start. I was not asked if I wanted to connect to the computer.
    When I click on Computer two things have appeared. One saying removable disk (F) and one removeable disk (H). I click on either and it says to insert a disk.
  • dhn 336 Points
    Connect to the computer without the sd card in it. Home is NOT involved.

    Make an Explorer backup of the units contents. If not sure how, see the information here

    Then delete all the loose files in the root of the unit. NO folders or their contents.

    Now, connect to Home. Accept the application offered and install it.

    Disconnect the unit properly from Home using the Device Disconnect icon on the bottom right of Home's screen.

    Now start the unit up without the card. Any better?
  • Unfortunately I can't get past stage one of doing a maunal back up because the TT is not visable as an active drive letter.
  • It could be the devices built in memory has died, do you have a copy of the Western_Europe map on your computer? If so it might be time to get another 4GB or even an 8GB SDHC memory card to hold all the maps and other files needed to run the unit - Mike
  • I wish I could say I did have the map on my computer. I'm pretty sure I don't.

    I'm not opposed to rebuying the europe map (it was old anyway). I will buy a SD card, and try it out.

    Thanks for you help.
  • dhn 336 Points
    Do you ever remember updating your Western_Europe map or was it the original that came with the unit?

    If you did update, you'll find the updated compressed map in .cab format here:

    C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\maps\

    If it IS there, report back as it can be reinstalled.

    In fact, if you go to Home's Manage my Device, Computer tab, maps, what do you see there, if anything?
  • I may have it on backup disc. My computer recently was totally restored after a virus, and haven't loaded all the old stuff back on.

    I finally heard back from Tomtom, but all the advice was dependant on the computer recognising the square one.

    I will look on my back up discs. (Now how the heck do I do that? ;)

    I'm assuming at this point I have to put the tomtom application onto an sd card along with either a backedup copy or repurchased copy of the europe map. then it should work...?

    Thanks for your help so may be a few days till I accomplish the next task.
  • I would expect there to be a copy of the software on your existing SD card otherwise the device wouldn't boot and work with the USA map, copy the entire contents of the SD card to your computer, get an 8GB card and copy the old SD card contents from the PC to the new card then add the Western_Europe map to it (when you locate it in your backup).

    Insert the card and go to Change Preferences/ Manage Maps/ Switch map and select the Western_Europe map from the presented list - Mike
  • OK...well now its doing something a little different!!

    I reset the tomtom again, and now it boots up with the load screen that has a picture of a hard drive at the bottom and a blue line, that turns yellow while the files load.
    However now the Tomtom freezes either during that load up, with the yellow line being at a differnt point every try, or once it completed that load and froze on my start up photo...which is one of my personal photos proving that there is indeed a harddrive in there somewhere!!

    However I'm still getting the same probelm when I hook it to the computer. Freezes on the tomtom logo and I get two removable disks appearing on computer, neither of which is accessible.

    (PS Still waiting for the delivery of an 8mb SD card ordered online)
  • dhn 336 Points
    Try this......

    Connect to the computer. Download and run three times the Clear Flash tool found here: flash/sno/1

    It may not do anything (especially since the drives don't seem accessible) but it won't do any harm in trying.
  • So downloaded the 'clear flash' unfortunately it doesn't appear to be running....I suppose because the tomtom doesnt connect properly. (Also noticed that it says to put an sd card in..I'm assuming I shouldn't do that)

    Also the Tomtom is now consistantly loading through to the start-up photo stage. Usually it freezes there, but I was once asked for a choice of which map Uk or thats a good sign the two maps are in there somewhere.

    Home did automatically start only one time that I tried to link to the computer. Although it hadn't asked me to connect the 720 was showing as connected. I looked at the contents (through Home) and it showed application but no maps. Using windows explorer the tomtom is now showing up with the words 'tomtom' but again clicking on that just ends with an 'insert disc into removable drive' prompt.

  • mvl 191 Points
    Sounds like your internal memory is intermittently dying.

    The only thing you can't re-download for free is the map. If you plan to buy a new map when you get the SD, don't worry about it and just follow Mike's instructions.
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