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Latest Maps are 2009 Q4?

FTJoe 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Is that possible the maps are over a year old? Just got the TN765 for $130 from Walmart. My daughter liked my 765T so I figured why not. I was afraid since I was using the same computer to update, maybe that's why I'm seeing maps a year old? Hopefully?


  • Unfortunately, yes, those are the latest maps. If you read through some of the posts, you'll see how we've all struggled with the lack of updates/support from Motorola. In general, we all love the device, but it appears that Motorola is not supporting like we thought. Our latest endeavor is to lobby NaviExtras folks 9the ones who host the maps, updates, add ons, etc. and the one that MotoExtras is modeled after) to release maps and other updates/options for sale to us MotoNav users. I'm sure there are some contractual items to work out, but we remain hopeful.
    I can say this, however, despite the apparent age of the maps, I've yet to miss a street with the 765T. Now POI's are a different story, but with Google Search, that becomes a moot point.
    $130 for this device is a steal in my book (I paid twice that last June), so enjoy! Hopefully it wont become orphaned and you'll get some great use out of it.
    For more in-depth info, take a look at Motorola's own site here:

    Also, for a real nifty mod, take a look at SciFi2000's thread and download the latest skin for you 765T. We all love it! Simple but much needed improvement!
  • FTJoe 0 Points
    Appreciate the info, I never really got the google search to work that well. Sometimes the location appeared, sometimes not, sometimes later on. Is that free though all the time or an extra? Sorry, I know I can look this up, will check the skins, I actually ran across that looking for this old thread I remember posting to a while back.
  • Google search is part of the extras package, but the first 90 days are free.

    Also, the latest from Moto is is that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, and there may be hope yet for an update.
  • FTJoe 0 Points
    Thanx - link not working but I'm hopeful anyway. https link, trying to find my way in to sign in. Best GPS I've ever owned, hopefully they don't give up.

    Also I was talking about using google maps to send a location to the gps, always seemed like a great feature but didn't seem to work well. I thought that would work past the initial offering. I didn't realize there was a google search, I only ever saw the bing link.

    Ouch - I just noticed I started a new thread, meant to put this in the owner's thread. Apologies, will delete if I can...
  • Both google search and send google send to gps are part of the extras package.

    Drop the leading digit (probably a 1 or an S) from youre serial niumber if you are using send to GPS and it should work fine.
  • FTJoe 0 Points
    Ouch - didn't know the send was part of the package as well. Will look into getting subscribed to it again. Thanx
  • From page 44 of the manual
    send addresses from the Web
    MotoExtras also lets you send addresses from the internet
    to your device so you can navigate to them easily without
    entering the address.
    I'm still in my 90 day honeymoon period, but the manual calls it part of MotoExtras so I assume it will go bye-bye when my time is up.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    edited January 2011
    Just to burst the bubble a little further regarding maps. In reality most likely the data included is about 2 years old. The process of "field to table" is a long one.

    I wouldn't subscribe to MotoExtras until you are closer to your 90 day end.
    That subscription is going to be questionable if/when Moto drops all support for this line of PNDs.

    SciFi2010's Moto skin also adds a new button in the Main Menu area that will go and grab POIs that you send to the gps from Google Maps and that may work even if you do not re-subscribe to MotoExtras. That method dictates that you do the POI search from a computer and use the Send to GPS process. (Edit: This method is not new as pointed out by chaimav and SciFi has just evoked a button to get it done)

    MotoExtras Google button allows you to do the search directly from your TN765 as long as you are paired to a mobile phone via bluetooth. Fortunately it uses normal mobile minutes and does not need a data plan to work.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    When you lose MotoExtras Google, Weather, Gas Prices, Flight Status all go away. Bing Search will stay, but that is next to useless IMHO.
  • FTJoe 0 Points
    And they are going to stay as lost functions as I just looked at pricing.

    You're saying though I may be able to still send from google maps utilizing the new skin? Has to be a POI? Nevermind, I will play when I get home. That was the best feature of all, sending a location (I never experienced google search). I tried re-pairing with my phone and doing web location but it didn't try to connect, now I understand probably due to lack of subscription. What a great device, I just can't believe they are giving up on it so quickly.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I guess I don't actually know if Send to GPS feature will go away with expiration of MotoExtras subscription. Maybe someone that does not subscribe and has installed SciFi's skin can check it out. Other brands of gps allow this type of feature to work without any subscription cost.

    Send to GPS can send an address, aka POI as well.

    And it seems SciFi's new button "Web Location" is just a drill down button to get to the sent POI faster - without the need to go to Favorites > Google Locations.

    Also - you now automatically have a MotoExtras subscription. Make sure it is turned on in Main Menu > Settings > System > MotoExtras. As long as the mobile phone is paired with B/T it should work for you.

    And pop over to the "official" Moto support forum for more hints, tips, and other musings. :)
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    On a related note: Has this been there the whole time?

    Report a Map Error

    If you experience a routing or point of interest location error in one of your maps, please report them at this site:

    It is sending you to TeleAtlas and not Navteq:?: :?: :?:

    Now this seems to be a "feed" from NNG NaviExtras and not Motorola per se.
  • I recently purchased mine and I want to make sure it's a keeper before my 30 days are up? You guys are such experts on GPS's do you think there's one that would be a better option considering Motorola's mutiny.

    Once again thanks all. :P
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    All depends on what you need or want in a gps and can afford. For new gps users I only recommend Garmin. Check out the new 24xx series about to hit the streets. 2460LMT for example if you want nice features at a decent price. May want to wait awhile for prices to drop after any initial offering though.

    Other will have differing opinions.......

    The TN765 does have nice features and will be pretty viable for another year or two even if map updates do not happen. It is quite stable as well as is. The SciFi skin is adding window dressing and that has garnered some recent excitement.

    All this is just IMHO.
  • I'm posting this here because I didn't want to raise any hopes unrealistically...

    I was poking around the NaviExtras site and noticed that they offer a Q3 2010 map update, whereas the map for MotoExtras is Q4 2009. That being said, they (Navi) charge for the 3-D bundle, and it is from Q3 2009. Moto included this in the Q4 2009 update (the last one we've seen from Moto).

    Still, there have been several of us pestering the good folks at NaviExtras to let us buy content from them (i.e. new maps!). We'll see. Yet, even if that becomes a reality, for now, that update is only 3 quarters newer than ours, and has no 3-D building updates. :shock:
  • blueTOOTH 0 Points
    Talking map updates from Naviextras:
    The newest map updates (NA) available for any GPS are Q3 2010......these are Teleatlas maps not Navteq. The newest Navteq (for North America) are Q4 2010 and were released according to their announcement on March 17. However, I also have other GPS's and these maps have yet to appear as available. (You can check the forum...many are PO'd they have yet to make them available for purchase)

    The reason we may not be seeing any updates is they have yet to make them (Navteq) available for anybody. The TN765t is designed to use only Navteq maps (The ASR (Voice Rec) files are specific to Navteq map coding.) and will not work with Teleatlas maps.

    On a side note: Igo Primo for the Iphone (NA) became available (from Itunes) on May 18th and includes Navteq (NA) Q4 2010 maps.
    So, maybe we wil see them available...soon...or maybe not. I've go to keep the glass half full... :roll:
  • goodhed 0 Points
    Just wanted to share with everyone that I was able to successfully use updated Navteq maps (not provided by Motorola) on my TN765t. The current version of the maps that I am using is Q2 2011. I am extremely happy that I can now use this unit with latest maps, which puts this unit on top of the GPS list again.

    My only outstanding wish is to continue the skin support from Bluetooth & Spyder and somehow be able to run iGo in full screen resolution.
  • davelac 91 Points
    Where did you get the maps? How much are they?
  • dhave 0 Points
    Where did you get the maps? How much are they?
  • goodhed 0 Points
    There's no way for me to PM you on the forum. Please suggest if there's another way we can use to connect since the moderators may not allow me to post the solution here.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    Discussion of ways to illegally obtain maps is not tolerated here.
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