Magellan 1412 has new battery but wont charge...Help Please
  • I have a Roadmate 1412 that I have loved over the past year or two but the battery started diing more and more quickly about a month ago. I am no stranger to replacing rechargable batteries so I opened it up and swapped with a new battery ordered off amazon. The unit powers on, however the battery wont charge. I have tested the battery in my wife's Roadmate and it will charge just fine, I see the battery bars charging on the system screen, but this does not occur on my roadmate.

    I found a guy on ebay that charges $69 to repair the charge controller but I doubt it is much more than replacing a resistor or two.

    Has anyone gotten past this issue?
  • No one?
  • ok, so I located some info on ifixit that there is a fuse near the USB port that can be replaced. I dont see anything that resembles a fuse. If someone can point that out, it would be a big help!
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