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Revision History for Motonav TN765T PND Skins

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Revision History for Motonav TN765T PND Skin by SciFi2010, RAMRODSR, et al

Please do not post comments in this Sticky. Let's keep it clean for update info only. Post comments in the Motorola MotoNav TN765T Skin thread.

Original Author: SciFi2010 - Initially presented DEC 15, 2010


NOTE: Skin revisions by other forum members will be posted in a separate individual post to this Sticky under the contributing member's name.

  1. blueTOOTH Skins

  2. ThunderLizard Skins

RAMRODSR Versions of SciFi Skin - Initially presented JAN 18, 2011
DATA_RR(6.8) - Posted March 7, 2011

Download Latest Version DATA_RR(6.8).zip at

- Different sky for the day and night screen. The Photo is showing the view in full tilt so you can see the clouds go all the way to the top of the Nav screen. When you are on the screen for 3D use the Pan buttons for left / right to see how the Clouds move.
- The Rainbow bar on opening
- Color for the Settings button in the main menu
- More color when using the mute button
- Two story house for home navigation button
- Speed and Next turn Bars bright blue
- All of the buttons on the main screen are invisible and still function

  • Microphone, the Eye, the plus and minus screen zoom buttons

Download Latest Version DATA_RR(6.7).zip at - Posted March 3, 2011.

Eliminated the Plus and Minus (Map Zoom buttons) on the right and the eye and microphone on the left. These items will still function when touching the screen in the correct location.

Route Options, Volume Levels and Avoidances still working as hidden buttons.

I am using blueTOOTH's Sky background along with address numbers left and right. I resized and changed spacing of some of the fonts and added glow to the Speed and Altitude. This did have an adverse effect on some of the items in the dashboard, but I can live with that until I figure out how to change it.
I am still using a different setup for Time, ETA, and Distance to Destination than blueTOOTH so mine does not disappear when there is no Route.

Note: you will have to download blueTOOTH'S for the Sky effects. First unzip the download and inside you will find the Content folder and the following two files: and (in Content/SCHEME/ folder)

  • -copy these two .zip files to the /motonav/Content/SCHEME/folder on the GPS. (It's ok, to overwrite)

Version DATA_RR(6.5) at: (Posted FEB 15, 2011)

Only one change:

Tap the Speed in top right corner to access Route Options.....Quickest Time, Shortest Distance, Mostly Highways.

Everything else remains the same as in revision (6.4)
Download Version DATA_RR(6.4) at: (Posted FEB 6, 2011)

RR V6.4


1. Fonts for mph-ft-mi-km/h-m-km have been changed to all Caps for the Main Screen and in the Dashboard.

2. The fonts have also been re-sized smaller for MPH-KM/H next to Speed.

3. The Speed has been moved to the top right corner above the + sign with a shaded bar. The Speed and the Shaded bar will now shift to the smaller screen when opening the Dashboard.

4. Distance to Destination will also shift, As long as the destination is not too long. Distance to Destination will not show tenths until destination is less than 10 miles. The only information not seen on small screen is Altitude.

RR V6.4

Note: Additional "features" -

  • (1) Touch the Time or Speed figure to bring up Volume Level Screen.
    (2) Touch the Distance to Destination or Altitude figure to bring up Avoidance Screen.

Download Version DATA_RR(6.3) at: (Posted JAN 27, 2011)
RR V6.2

Also available for download at: ???

Changes: Changed shading behind speed and lower bar.

For those who may wish to modify the Bars.
Changes were made at lines 171 and 175 in the script. Look for alpha=5 this is the current setting as you see it lower the number to lighten the Bar increase the number to make it darker. Search earlier post to see what folders and files to open to do this Mod.

RR V6.2 Changes:

  1. Moved the Speedo (Current speed) below blue bar on left side under Next Street/Turn information.

  2. Moved Mute Icon and Directional arrow to Top Blue Bar next to Bluetooth icon.

  3. Swapped Distance to Destination and Altitude locations.

  4. Reworked spacing of Data at Bottom.

After Testing, the Current speed will work on the Large or Small screen. Junction View information signs will cover the Current speed, but only for short periods. Look close and you can see it through the sign.

RR v6.2


How to install:

The downloaded file needs to be renamed If your PC is set to hide file extensions there is the possibility that you only need to change the file name to "DATA" as the .zip extension will be assumed. You do not want to end up with the file being named "". If you want to always see file extensions in Windows (recommended by many) In Windows, open up Windows Explorer. Right-click on the Start button. Then, left-click on Explore. Click on Tools -> Folder Options -> View. Then, uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types.”

After you are certain you have the file renamed correctly copy this file to your TN765t and place it in the Motonav folder on the TN765t. Do not unzip the file. Copy it as is. When you disconnect the gps from your PC it will restart and the changes will be seen. To take your gps back to previous state just remove/delete file from the gps and it will operate normally.

Always do a complete backup before making any modifications to your TN765t to be safe.


It all started wih Modifications and Attributes:

Additions to the main screen SF Version 12/15/2010

1) Current date and time
2) ETA
3) Direction to the destination
4) Toll road avoidance status
5) Routing algorithm (Quickest/Fastest, Short, Mostly Highways)
6) If vehicle different from “Car”, it is shown with red exclamation mark,
7) Mute/un-mute status
8) Direction arrows added (for example, to destination, to POI)

  • a) If speed < 5 mph then geographic direction (North, Northeast...West, etc.)
    b) If speed = or >5 mph then direction is based on car heading.

New shortcuts:
a) Click on time/date to change volume level or mute,
b) Click on toll road avoidance status to change it.
SF Version 12/18/2010:

1. The error with changing vehicle type after reset is fixed. (*See Note #1 regarding this problem)
2. There will be red text "Vehicle" if vehicle different than car.
3. Lower volume of the welcome sound when the unit starts/reboots.
4. Improved ETA. (some GUI problems fixed)
5. This is how the unit behaves when you type address or POI name: Interactive address/POI search is OFF.

I (SciFi)experienced keyboard problems when the unit was searching for addresses/POIs while I was typing (missing or double keystrokes). Now, the user has to tap the new Search button to start the search. I think it works better than before. It can be turned ON/OFF in Settings/System/Customizable Buttons.

Additional info: If you select "Interactive Search" the device will search as you type (may be faster, may be slower, depending on the length of the name you are searching!).

If you select "Button Search", the device will not search the database until you press "Search". (on the bottom row.)

6. There are a couple of new options in the main menu - Music (non-functional),Web Location, Recent Trips.
7. End of Trip: I changed the sequence of fields. Now, you can easily see trip distance and time.

Note (1) This problem may only be exhibited on "early" TN765T PNDs even though they have had the latest firmware installed.

SciFi stated that "It seems to me that the Vehicle Type Error (car is replaced with taxi, emergency, bicycle...) is caused by the navigation software (iGo/Nav'n'Go)."

The Vehicle Type is stored permanently when the unit is connected to PC, and it is difficult to change it back when the unit is disconnected.

A sample scenario that causes the error:
1. Set vehicle type to "Taxi"
2. Connect to PC (try with and without active route)
3. After you disconnect from PC, you will have problems changing the vehicle type to "Car". "Taxi" will return after device stand-by or in other circumstances.

Several users have offered different solutions, as has SciFi2010. After doing a complete backup of your PND there are several things you can try.

(1)Using MotoExtras Toolbox app log in to your account and reinstall all firmware files available. OR

I. Procedure to check default Vehicle Type (wait 5-10 seconds between steps)

1. Turn off external power.
2. There will be a pop-up screen asking to continue, pedestrian, or power off.
3. Enter Pedestrian mode

4. Turn on external power
5. The GPS unit will restore the default vehicle type (car, taxi, bicycle...)

II. How to set/change Vehicle Type.
0. Turn ON external power.
1. Create any route.
2. Set desired Vehicle Type.
3. Change Route Method
4. Change Avoidance.
5. At this point, you can restore Route Method and Avoidance.
6. Use the above Vehicle Type Check procedure to test the results.

RAMROD reports - Try going to MotoExtras Toolbox. I formatted my gps . Wiped the drive clean. Then went to the toolbox and restored the original backup. After that restored the 2 updates and the map update. Follow the instructions after each update it instructs you to disconnect the usb cable to allow a restart. After all updates reload theDATA zip. Mine has not had the problem since.

SF Version 1/5/2011:

1. Current street/address on the main screen
2. Return to a vehicle icon from 1st version instead of the red vehicle text.
3. Original software has a problem with saving vehicle type. A small code was added to fix it.
4. Minor stability/usability improvements

SF Version 1/7/2011:

1. Tap the bottom blue bar in the middle to switch between:
a) Current street address ( C: ),
b) Next street ( N: ),
c) Current speed ( S: ),
d) Blank.

2. Added Geographic coordinates in the Map Explore mode.
Unfortunately, there is no way to find a place based on coordinates.

3. Originally, coordinates were overlapped by the button on the Dashboard. Now, they are clear and 6 digits after decimal point.
SF Version 1/8/2011:

Voice Recognition icon was hidden in the previous version. Now, it is visible again.


RAMRODSR - Initiates modifications to SciFi2010 skin.

RR v4.0

I made a few changes to SciFi's
I hope this is ok.

1. I moved the mph to the top with color background for easier reading. It remains on all the time.

2. Added color background behind current street and next street.

3. Changed the font sizes and spacing in the bottom bar for Time , ETA and other information.

4. Changed icon for muted sound.

5. shortened blue bar at bottom right, no longer covers speed limit sign.

RR v5.0 Download here: (Posted JAN 19, 2010)

1) Less information in bottom bar per request.

2) Blue bar for easy reading.

Screen taps: The one for speed, current street and next street were turned off for Version (5) and (5.1). However on the left side tap Current Time and you bring up the screen for the VOLUME LEVEL and tap Mileage to Destination on the right and you bring up the screen for AVOIDANCES as Implemented by SciFi.

RR v5.1 Download here: (Posted JAN 19, 2010)
Light green bar for better map visibility.

RR v6.0 Download at: (Posted JAN 20, 2011)

This is what I came up with after suggestions of wants and needs.

1)Lost the lower blue or green backround bar for more map space and shadowed the fonts for better visibility.
2)Added AM/PM for ETA TIME
3)Added --Altitude--
4)Added --Latitude and Longitude in upper right-hand corner, color = red. Also with directional arrow/compass heading.
5)Larger Speedo in Top bar
6)Kept the warning icons for Travel Modes
7)--Tap Time for Volume Levels change for Motonav, Phone, or Mute/Unmute.
8)--Tap Distance to Destination, Altitude or Distance to Destination for Avoidances.

This is RR v6.0

Thanks again to SciFi for starting this mess and all others for input.

RR v6.1 Download here: (Posted JAN 21,2011)

1) Removed latitude/longitude coordinates in upper right-hand corner.



  • Spyder63 331 Points
    edited May 2011
    blueTOOTH Skins

    Forum member blueTOOTH gave us the original "unlock" for the Motonav TN765T and has also made some skin modifications to RamRodSRs versions. His latest available as of (March 3, 2011)
    blueTOOTH VERSION 1D Download Latest Version: DATA_bt_1d at:

    For this revision the install process is different. The file you download is a compressed file in .rar format (aka zipped) and contains other content that needs to be copied to the Motonav PND. First thing you must do is "unzip" the above file to reveal the other included files/folders. The included folders and files in the .rar are:

    1. - which contains the folder SCHEMES which contains two files:
      - and
      - (Do not unzip this file - only rename it)
      - SYS.txt (Suggested you backup the original file prior to install)
      - ReadMe

    2. is the text in the ReadMe file (blueTOOTH's instructions) with minor edits.

    3. to

    4. & Content folder & sys.txt to Motonav folder on PND...

    5. "ok" to replace existing files of the same name.


    6. the camera settings to aid viewpoint when driving

    7. Simulation trip speeds in Sys.txt

    8. Dink and Donk turn maneuver sounds in Sys.txt. Only get voice directions now.

    9. Sky to Day and Star field to Night Vibrant_Moto schemes( you have to select these in settings to see)
      (You will, most of the time, now see it unless driving really fast or use manual tilt function)

    If you have made other changes to a previous will have to make them again... OR see Advanced Option below.
    blueTOOTH's additional Install Instructions

    1. sys.txt (optional! you can keep your old sys.txt if you want...this adds my "tips" that I've posted)
      -copy to your motonav folder on the pna (ok, to overwrite) (you must rename this file to first or it will not work)
      -copy to your motonav folder on the pna (ok, to overwrite) and (in content/scheme/ folder)
      -copy these two .zip files to the /motonav/content/scheme/folder on the pna (ok, to overwrite)

    Path: Computers use paths to find files. Your Motonav is a computer. Files are put in folders to organize them.

    1. Example: when you connect to your Motonav gps you see the drive "flashdisk" with a folder inside called "Motonav".

    2. the instructions say place the in the "Motonav" folder on the pna, you would drag/drop (in effect copy) from your computer the file into this folder. The path for this example for the transfer of the would be /flashdisk/motonav.

    3. you are instructed to copy to the SCHEME folder on the pna you would double-click on the "Motonav" folder, double-click on the "Content" folder, and you should see a folder listed, called "SCHEME". You would then, drag/drop the file into this folder called "SCHEME". The path for this example would be: /flashdisk/Motonav/Content/SCHEME.

    4. this helps others understand how I've written some of the instructions...and sometimes people will refer to "put it in the xxx folder". This may skip some of the instruction..but as you learn the file/folder'll get the hang of it.

      Advanced option:

    5. you have a current skin and would just like to add the sky feature:

    6. the "gfx" folder from the and add it to your current + copy the & to the /motonav/content/sceme/ folder on the pna.

      (I know it's a bad pic...but now with clouds...and stars at night)


    Note: This revision (1c) fixes a minor problem that existed in version 1b. Posted 2-28-2011.

    * Changed the current address display at bottom to only show street name and adjacent house numbers
    to right and left of current position.
    * Removed Altitude display. Replaced with Current Date.
    * New Startup Screen and Exit Screen

    If you want to learn or change something...see the notes he left in the navigatetomap.ui file.
    Version DATA_bt_1b

    Changed the current address display at bottom to only show street name and added house numbers to right and left of screen...

    Version DATA_bt_1
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    ThunderLizard is providing his personalized Skin that you might like to use.


    Posted April 29, 2011 TL Sky Data

    Current Version: TL Sky Data and can be downloaded here:

    This revision eliminated the conflict of the screen position of the Map View icon and the Voice Recognition (VR) icon. The "Eye" icon (used to change map view - 2D/3D) was moved because there was not enough space for both the eye and the microphone. The "eye" is now next to the speedo area (it has become the "eye in the sky"! Ha!).
    I actually think I like this better - it's not very visible, and it's in an area of the map that does me no good. So now, when you turn on VR (Voice Recognition), you see the mic in the lower left corner, and it works. When VR is turned off, the map area there is clear, i.e, no button.

    Posted April 28, 2011 TL Sky Data

    Version: TL Sky Data and can be downloaded here:

    This version is purely cosmetic tweaks - some subtle changes in color to make the data displayed stand out from the label on the data, and a softening of the color for current and next road. Also a change in the address numbers to make them easier to read.

    I tweaked the color for the ground background to provide some more contrast when displaying terrain, (especially mountains) and I changed the color of the water to make it more "watery" (?)

    Removal of some of the unnecessary code that had been "rem'd out" so the file doesn't take up as much space, but there are no other functionality changes.

    Posted March 24, 2011 TL Sky Data

    Version: TL Sky Data and can be downloaded here:
    - Moved ETA and Distance to left side under turn icon (only visible when navigating).
    - Moved Time and Altitude to right side under speedo icon (there all the time).
    - Moved current street down (along with address numbers) to free up more map/car space.
    - Cleaned up "Glow" effect for a cleaner look on text.
    - Changed mini directional arrow to show true compass heading up top (in green).
    - Enhanced the transparency of speedo and directional icons for greater map visibility.

    - and... disabled the on-screen advertisements!
    (but you can still find them in your "Offer" box,...if you REALLY want them!)

    Posted March 10, 2011 TL Sky Data

    Previous Version: TL Sky Data and can be downloaded here:

    Some cosmetic changes:
    - enhanced BlueTooth icon
    - enhanced satellite icon
    - enhanced battery icon
    - "faked" glow on Altitude (this one's for you, Spyder!) ..... Thanks!

    Shows the mods to the speedo area, altitude, and sky. When the unit is plugged in, the battery shows a yellow lightening bolt in the middle. As the battery runs down, the green fill decreases.

    Also, the satellite starts out red (no signal) then colorizes when it finds signal. The radiating waves increase as signal increases. Color = lime green.

    Additionally, the Blue Tooth icon shows connected. When not connected, the button recesses and the emblem turns blue. Upon connecting, the button "pops" and the emblem turns purple, then green when fully connected.

    Finally, as before, the speed limit signs (not shown)are shaded to stand out (more 3-D) like the speedo area icons. When over the limit, the sign glows with a bright purple, just like the turn area when within 100 yds of a turn.

    This shows the house icon as well as some of the main menu colors.
    Main Menu - (your icons may be in different positions, but can be rearranged from Settings)
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  • Spyder63 331 Points
    As stated at the start of this Sticky:

    Please do not post comments in this Sticky. Let's keep it clean for update info only. Post comments in the Motorola MotoNav TN765T Skin thread.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    RAMRODSR Skin - Latest version as of July 8, 2011

    Here is the link:


    1. TLs "No Ad Popups" (TMC related ad popups are gone)

    2. BlueTOOTH's Pertol/Gas station and 30 fast food brand icons.

  • Galiano 0 Points
    I am a new member, and have been unable to download the TL Sky Data file (get the Goggle Docs error message "Sorry, the page (or document) you have requested is not available.").

    Can you provide the file in any other way?

    Thanks for all your great work!
  • Link to TLData8.1a:

    Something screwy going on with Google Docs. If it shows the file unzipped, click on "download original".

    Alternate link:

    Be sure to rename the file "Data" and leave the .zip extension alone (don't rename to ""). Then replace the Data file in the Motonav folder (after you've backed it up) and you should be all set.
  • Galiano 0 Points
    Got it! Will install later in the week.

    Thanks for responding so quickly - if only Motorola would model their Customer Service organization to match the calibre of this forum!
  • any current links to these skins?
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