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TomTom discontinues RDS-TMC annual traffic subscriptions?

GadgetAddict 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
Hello to everyone! I was just told by TomTom tech support that they no longer provide annual subscriptions to the Clearchannel RDS-TMC (antenna based, not LIVE services based) traffic subscriptions -- you can only get this by buying a "lifetime traffic" GPS.

Does anyone else know about this? I just want to make sure I was informed correctly. I was so disappointed :( , and, in fact, had already purchased the subscription and was calling to find out why my GPS was still saying my subscription expired a week after I purchased the annual renewal.

Bummer! I love my Go 720 and I don't want to buy another one! And I don't want a Garmin either. Still, any recommendations as to my next TomTom -- the GO 740TM Live for example? I notice very poor reviews at Amazon.Com for all the latest TomToms.

Thanks for any feedback!


  • mvl 191 Points
    Ebay sells lifetime antennas for the GO 720. They use the round plug, just make sure it's designed for the USA. They are cheap, usually under $20. (some are 1-yr only, but regardless they still should work)

    Or, you can pair the 720 to a cellphone and use the PLUS traffic subscription.

    What features did you like about the 720? Most newer models do less than the 720, but with your feature list we could help recommend a similar new model.
  • Thanks for your quick reply, MVL! I now have the 1-year antenna installed, which I've been using the last 3 years. I'll check out the EBay offerings. I don't have a cell phone (I use my iPod Touch/Skype, no 3G or 4G service).

    Features I need:
    4.3" screen size is fine
    USA maps
    IQ Routing
    Spoken street names

    Would be nice but not a dealbraker:
    Lane Assist is nice but not absolutely required
    SD or Micro SD would be nice, but not required if internal mem. holds USA maps
    Red Light traffic Camera locations

    I don't need:
    FM Transmission
    Live Services -- but could Live services (like Live traffic) be used WITHOUT a cell phone? If so that would be great.

    Thanks again!
  • mvl 191 Points
    All of the current Tomtom XL models meet your "needs". The only difference across the current models are:
    - Do you want EasyMenu (simpler and more reliable) or the full menu (more customizable and more features)?
    - Do you want to add Canada and/or Mexico maps?
    - Do you want lifetime traffic?
    - Do you want lifetime map updates?

    The GO740 LIVE meets all your wants (including the SDHC slot), its LIVE traffic doesn't require a cell phone as it has a cellular modem built in.

    You also may want to wait for this summer's GO2505M LIVE. It is a current model, and is more likely to get bugfixes and feature enhancements.
  • MVL, you're wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to attend to my questions.

    - No to Canado or Mexico maps
    - Yes to Lifetime Traffic
    - Yes to Lifetime Maps

    The 740 is pricey (especially with the lifetime traffic & maps option) but I'm reading excellent reviews about the live traffic, which is the main reason I use my TomTom while commuting to work. Maybe I can sneak it in the house with that tax refund!

    You have definitely been a great help, thanks again!
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